Hi there!

My name is Christian.. but you can call me Chris.

I am a young(-ish) Norwegian fella who loves to travel! Often I find myself drawn to the places where no-one, or at least few people, considers going to.

So.. why do I then have a blog?
Well, on my journeys I come across a lot of awesome backpackers and people who never thought it possible to travel to places like North Korea, Iran, Pakistan or other places that are considered “a little shady”.

5 Out of my 8 passports from my travel, transformation from, young to old and grumpy, (missing my 2 passports that have got stolen and my current one, in the photo)

So, because there is the very little first-hand experience out there, and even fewer people writing about it (despite people’s interest), I decided to share my experiences and views – the past, present, and future!

Countries, I have been to: I only count countries where I have been at minimum 3 days.


Where i been