Iran Travel Guide.

Few countries are portrayed worse in western media than Iran. But Iran its such a beautiful country with the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever meet around the world. When traveling in Iran will you wonder if the western media have actually been to Iran.

Iran offers a lot more than the dessert most people in west thinks the country is, it offers everything from the most beautiful city in the world, top class skiing resorts, to beaches with diving, world class hiking and historical ruins from one of the greatest empires that have ever been. Iran got the best cheese in the world!!

Azadi Tower,Iran,Tehran
Azadi Tower in Tehran

Important Travel Facts About Iran.

  • *Most countries can get a visa on arrival these days. Except Americans, Canadians, Israelis, and people with UK passport.
  • You will be refused enter to Iran if you have an Israel stamp in your passport.
  • 220V, 50Hz (European plug)
  • ATM´s. There´s NO atm´s that works with western bank system in Iran at the moment.
  • Wifi Is common, but the  internet is censored, so no Facebook without a VPN.
  • Daily Budget, Low,- 10 – 15 USD, Middle, 20 – 30 USD, High, 40 USD+.

Fast Facts about Iran.

  • Capital: Teheran
  • Language: Persian, but A LOT of people speak English, there´s never a problem to find an English speaker, even in rural places.
  • Currency: Iranian Rial (IRR). 1 USD = 30.000 Rial/32.000 Rial on black market.

Travel Tips About Iran.

  • *Get a local prepaid bank card.These cards have no service fee and surcharge and you get the exact amount of money you put in the card.
  • Iran got the best cheese in the world!!
  • Just say yes, You will get invited 1000000 times for tea, food, ice cream and accommodation, just say yes enjoy the most hospital people on earth.
  • Change money before Friday’s. “Every” moneychanger is closed on Friday’s. I found that out the hard way.

When to Visit.

  • High season. March – May. Hotel prices goes up in April.
  • Shoulder Season. June – October. The desert area gets insanely hot.
  • Low Season. Nov – Feb. It gets VERY cold in the northern areas, a lot of mountain roads closes.

Food to Try.

  • The Cheese.
  • Kebabs.
  • Fesenjan – Pomegranate Walnut Stew.
  • Sabzi Khordan – Herb and Cheese Plate.
  • Bademjan – Eggplant And Tomato Stew.

Table Manners.

  • You will constantly be offered food and drinks. Always refuse at least once before accepting.
  • Don’t sit down until told where to sit by your host and don’t sit next to anyone of the opposite sex.
  • Eat only with the right hand if there are not utensils provided.
  • Always try a bit of all of the dishes available on the table.

Top Things to Do in Iran.

Visit the most beautiful city in the world.

Visit the most beautiful city in the world, Esfahan.

Visit some of the most stunning ruins in the world.

Visit the magnificent Ruins of Persepolis.