Uzbekistan Travel Guide

Uzbekistan a historical meeting point of history and cultures, a place where conquers like Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan to famous explorers like Marco Polo came trough. A country that Russia conquered in the late 19th century.
Most famous in the 20th century for one of the biggest human disasters ever.
Uzbekistan is an Islamic country that makes their own wine and brew their own beer and it’s actually good.

Uzbekistan Travel Guide.The famous Registan in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. #Uzbekistan , #samarkand , #travel_tips ,#central_asia
The famous Registan in Samarkand, a UNESCO world heritage

Important Travel Facts About Uzbekistan

  • Visas are required for everyone apart from passport holders of CIS countries. A ‘Letter of Invitation’ (LOI) is no longer required by citizens of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom but all others need one to apply for the visa,  LOI can only be granted be an official travel agency.
  • Very few working ATM´S in Uzbekistan, bring enough USD or Euro and change money on the black market.
  • Daily Budget: Low 15-20Usd, Middle 25- 40Usd, High 50+Usd.

Fast Facts about Uzbekistan

  • Capital: Tashkent
  • Population: Approximately 26 million
  • Language: Uzbek but most people speak some Russian, not much English outside main tourist sights.
  • Currency: Uzbek Som (UZS). 100Usd are about 267 000UZS on the official market, 300 000+UZS on black market.

Travel Tips About Uzbekistan

  • Important to get a registration papers/recipe from guesthouse/hotel. Sometimes they check at the border where you have stayed every night.
  • Couchsurfing is illegal! You will not get in problem if you get caught, but your host will
  • Remember to get rid of all your Uzbek Som (UZS) before you leave the country, it´s a pain to get rid of even in neighbour countries. I still have loads left.
  • Immigration takes loads of time, arrive hours before at the airport, minimum 4hours.
  • The nights gets cold, even if your sweating during the day.

When to Visit

  • Best weather: April to June and Late August to November.
  • The summer months gets extremely hot.

Food to Try

  • Plov.
  • Manti.
  • Lagmon.
  • Lamb Kebab.

Table Manners

  • Always accept tea if you get invited.
  • The seat of honor is always the head of the table opposite to and furthest from the entrance, this seat is typically reserved for the oldest person present, or for special guests.
  • You should not start eating until the person in the seat of honor has started.
  • If you are served traditional naan flatbread in Uzbekistan, make sure that you keep your piece right side up.

Top Things to Do in Uzbekistan

Visit the historical places of Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara.
Uzbekistan Travel Guide..Visit Historical Uzbekistan. #Uzbekistan , #Samarkand , #Bukhara, #Khiva, #Central_Asia

Visit the biggest Human disaster, The Aral Sea.

Uzbekistan Travel Guide..Visit the Human Disaster, The Aral Sea. #Uzbekistan ,#Aral_Sea

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