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Hi there!

My name is Christian, but you can call me Chris.

I am a young(-ish) Norwegian fella who loves to travel! Often I find myself drawn to the places where no-one, or at least a few people, considers going to.

So.. why do I then have a blog?

Well, on my journeys I come across a lot of awesome backpackers and people who never thought it possible to travel to places like North Korea, Iran, Pakistan or other places that are considered “a little shady”.

5 Out of my 8 passports from my travel, transformation from, young to old and grumpy, (missing my 2 passports that have got stolen and my current one, in the photo)

So, because there is the very little first-hand experience out there, and even fewer people writing about it (despite people’s interest), I decided to share my experiences and views – the past, present, and future!

The most important thing is to live a fabulous life. As long as it’s fabulous I don’t care how long it is. Freddie Mercury.

Countries, I have been to: I only count countries where I have been at a minimum of 3 days.

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Q: How many countries have I visited?
To this day have I been to 106 countries.

Q: What Camera do I use?
I’m currently using Sony A7 III and DJI Mavic 2 Pro.
But I have previously used Pentax k100 and K20d, Canon Eos 60d, Canon G11, G16 and Olympus OMD1.

Q: What’s my favourite place?
This is a question impossible to answer, I have been a lot of amazing places, the best beaches I have seen is in East Timor, Friendliest people have I met in Iran, Pakistan and Nepal
My favourite cities are Lisbon in Europe, Kathmandu in Asia, Esfahan in Iran is by far the most beautiful city anywhere in the world, Cape Town in South Africa is amazing, and I do also like Mexico City a lot.
But in general, do I find Iran and Nepal to be the two best places to travel around.

Q: How can I afford it?
I work a bit while travelling, and I go home once a year to Norway to work for a few months

Q: What’s my budget? 
I never have a set budget, I like to live good and eat good, and I prefer flying too long bus journeys. I try to do it as cheap as possible but never a set budget for each day. But it’s normally easy to live for less then 20Usd a day

Q: What do I pack?
I have already talked about that in the posts What to pack for a long trip and What to pack for a Europe Trip

Q: How many languages do I speak?
I’m fluent in Norwegian, Swedish and English, and I understand a bit of Chinese and Spanish. From my travel, an experience is English more than enough, even in China and remote places in Africa and Europe, some people ALWAYS speaks some English, but sometimes they are just to shy to do so.

Q: Have I ever been in Danger?
I have had weapons pointed at me sometimes, I have also been in a few car/bus accident and I have been on a capsizing ferry in Indonesia

Q: Have I got robbed?
Yes, I have got all my stuff was stolen, passport, wallet, camera, laptop etc. Yes, EVERYTHING. But I have gotten more stuff stolen from other travellers in Hostels around the world, especially in Thailand and Australia

Q: Do I get lonely?
No, even I prefer to travel alone do I always meet other travellers, even in the remotest places in the world, don´t believe you will be more lonely travelling around etc, Afghanistan then you will in Thailand. And the more remote you travel the more welcoming are the locals.