Top reasons to visit Kazhakstan

Top 10 Reasons to visit Kazakhstan

Did you know that Kazakhstan – the land of wanderers is literally just 3 hours away from India through a direct flight and 6 Hours from ...

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Evertything you need to know before going to Damascus the capital of Syria.

As Tourist In Damascus, The Capital Of Syria

In October 2017 was I lucky to be granted a 10-day tourist visa to Syria, almost 2 years before every other "traveller decided to travel to Syria". Friends and family told me I had to be insane and ...

Everything you need to know to visit Aleppo the largest city in Syria.

As A Tourist In Aleppo, Syria

After spending 3 great days in Damascus was it time to travel to north Syria and to Aleppo which was before the Syrian Civil war the largest city in Syria. But to get to Aleppo did I have to drive ...

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