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Hello, my name is  Chris a part-time traveller, photographer, beer lover and adventurer from a small town in southern Norway. And I`m the person behind the website Unusual Traveler.

Me Biking through Central Asia

Biking through Central Asia

I have been travelling on and off from 2008 and since 2014 have I been working a full-time job back at home in Norway but at the same time, been able to make numerous trips every year.

My first trip was with a one-way ticket to India when I was 18, a trip that lasted for six months; this was back when there were no smartphones and if you wanted to go on social media would you have to visit internet cafes.

The media spreads fear, that’s why I travel- to find the truth.

So you had no opportunity to do research while on the road except using guidebooks, that I early learned that even the newest version of guidebooks was often very outdated and gave misleading information as soon as you got away from the main tourist trail.

I’ve never done sponsored trips, and I will also never do any kind of sponsored content. All my trips Have I paid for myself.
But if you want to support me can you buy me a beer

I assume this is the first time you visit my site and that you’ve probably found my website by searching for information about some of the more obscure and untouristy destinations around the world.

And that´s the main reason behind Unusual Travellers, to inspire and offer information for free so people can travel more to the off the beaten path destinations around the world.

Destinations that few other tourists visit for different reasons, reason can be the warlike in Syria, or the awful media publicity some countries like, Algeria, Eritrea, Pakistan, Iran Iraq, and North Korea gets in western media, or there´s just no information online like for countries like Sao Tome & Principe and Comoros.

And guess what?  Those countries without many tourists are often the friendliest and most welcoming countries around the world, and that´s one of the reasons that I started this blog, to tell a story that western media won´t tell you.

I just think that the world has so much more to offer than the overcrowded beaches and tourist hubs around South East Asia, the famous European Capitals and the all-inclusive resort in Cancun Mexico.

I’ve been to them all, and for me, destinations like that are like watching paint dry.

Me at the get of Aleppo syria, where i was the very first

Me at the get of Aleppo Syria, where I was the very first since the begging of the war

I’ve would definitely prefer to go hiking in the Himalayas, where I was the very first person do the Langtang Trek after the devastating 2015 earthquake.

I´ve also done numerous other hikes around the world, I’ve hiked to Mount Everest Basecamp 3 times, done both the Annapurna Circut and the Annapurna Basecamp in Nepal, I´ve done The King´s Trail in northern Sweden, hiked to remote settlements in Bhutan and the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland.

I also enjoy bicycling, and I have biked the legendary Pamir Highway in Tajikistan.

Another favourite activity of mine is Scuba diving, that I´ve done around the world in French Polynesia, Mexico and all around Asia like in The Maldives.

When you don´t see me hiking or scuba diving will you probably see me enjoying local craft beets around the world like in Havana, Bhutan or Armenia.

Diving in East Timor in south east asia

Diving in East Timor

I´ve so far been to 106 countries, I’m probably gone try to visit all the countries in the world, but I’m in no hurry, I rather go back to a country I enjoy to explore more of it than rush through a new country.

For that reason have I’ve now been to China 22 times, India 7 times, Nepal 7 times, Georgia 5 times. The shortest amount of time I spent in a country is five days in North Korea and Latvia.

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