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Traveling To Syria: Everything You Need To Know in 2021

It might sound strange to some people, but Syria is ready to receive foreign tourists once again.

A fantastic country with one of the richest history in the world. I was one of the very first tourists to visit in 2017.

Here´s your complete guide to how you can travel to Syria as a tourist.

Syria tourism sign in Damascus

I Love Damascus, one of the most popular photo sites in Damascus.

Syria is one of the most historical destinations in the world and one of the most popular travel destinations in the Middle East, with 8.5 Million foreign tourists visiting Syria back in 2010, just one year before the civil war broke out in March 2011. (In comparison, 6.6 million tourists visited the Philippines 2017)

Since late 2018, western tourists can once again cross the border to Syria from Lebanon to discover one of the friendliest places and most beautiful places in the Middle East.

Yes, I know this is very hard to believe. But you should go and see for yourself.

The Syria tourist visa is now straightforward to obtain, but you are required to have book a tour through an official Syrian Travel Agency, and you are required to have a guide with you all the time.

When I visited Syria in October 2017, and agian got the visa in April 2018 was the visa process is a pain and usually took 10-12 weeks, but a lot of things have changed since then.

Since November 2018, most people can get a visa in less than a week and often in less than 72 hours.

And you don’t even need to visit a Syrian Embassy; you just need to send a copy of your passport to a Government Licensed travel Agency, and they will take care of the rest.

The visa process still takes a bit longer for citizens from the USA, Philippines, India, Thailand, Afghanistan, and some African countries.

Getting The Syrian Visa:

After a few western tourists didn´t follow the rules over the last few years, so are now everyone required to book a tour to Syria.

Any tour Syrian tour agency giving a visa tourist without a tour guide now will be closed down.

Every tourist has to get through security clearance to be able to get a tourist visa, which takes 2-5 days.

The easiest way to get a visa is to Travel Agency that is licenced by the local government in Syria to handle and to get your Visa Application Approved.

The Current price charged is 270 – 550 USD by the travel agency, be aware that you also will have to pay a visa fee at the border and that the visa fee is different from nationality to nationality.

Most Europeans pay 300 Usd, British Pay 500 USD, and Americans have to pay 550 USD.

You can enter Syria at any official border and at Damascus airport when the papers are ready.

travel syria, damascus, aleppo

Aleppo Citadel, open to tourist.

Currently is only three land borders that are open for foreigners the one close to Damascus and one close to Latakia with Tripoli in Lebanon.

The land border with Jordan is also open for foreigners.

There are currently NO open borders with Turkey, of course, not Israel, Iraq, the borders between Syria and the occupied Kurdish parts are also not accessible for foreigners.

An Israel stamp in your passport or proof of visit to Israel will get you denied entry to Syria.

Despite different rumours online on various travel forums and Facebook groups, are you NOT able to buy the visa at the border unless your Security Permission is approved and you are registered in the system of the Immigration Department.

This Is what the local Travel Agency will arrange for you and take care off.

Visa Fee for international tourists at the border to Syria:

USA 150 USD.
Australians and New Zealand is 130 USD.
European passport holders pay 72USD.
South American countries 20-40USD
China 20USD
Hong Kong 75USD
Japan 30USD
Thailand 35USD
Canada 90USD
Malaysia Free.

The border crossing and immigration are very smooth and easy when your papers are ready, and it takes no longer to cross than other borders in the Middle East. The border is open 24/7.

Depending on the number of people in the que, but it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes of processing.

The immigration counter furthest to the right is the one for foreigners.

You will have to pay the visa fee in the window to the backside of the big immigration room.

a juice sells men in Damascus bazar

A local juice sells man in Damascus market.

It also has to pay 2500 Syrian pounds for exit tax you will have to pay when departing Syria.

A person you can contact are: (You don´t need to contact both, it´s two different travel agencies) Tell them Christian from Norway sent you:)

Ayoub from Marrota Travel; [email protected] +963954840021 WhatsApp.
Sawsan Joumaa +963933753839 WhatsApp.

I do not recommend people to use Basel / The Travel King to arrange your trip to Syria.
There have been many reports of him scamming people.

When your application is approved, will you have three months to enter the country.

The visa is just a small stamp in your passport and is valid for 10/15days.

Just be aware that a Syrian stamp in your passport will make you no eligible for the American Visa waiver program for five years, and you might get questioned in some countries when entering; I’ve personally been questioned by the Immigration in both Dubai and Oman because of the Syrian visa in my passport.

Travel Overland to Syria from Lebanon and Jordan:

From Lebanon to Syria overland.

Depending on your budget, so are the different options available on travel to Syria from Lebanon.

A private taxi from Beirut airport to Damascus cost 100USD.

A shared taxi from Beirut to Damascus costs 20 – 35 USD, be sure to agree on the price before leaving!

The are different shared Taxi Services in Beirut that you can use, VIP Taxi, Allo Taxi (which has an online booking). They offer to pick up service all over Beirut; get your hotel to call them if you are staying in Beirut before going to Syria.

There´s currently NO bus service between the two countries. But for the cheapest shared taxi´s head to Charles Helou bus station (It´s the big one under the overpass road in Beirut).

Shared taxis from there to Damascus are cheaper than VIP Taxi and Allo Taxi but not as comfortable as the two.

A local shared taxi costs 20USD and leaves Charles Helou bus station whenever it´s full, shouldn’t take more than 30min.

If you want to save money, can you take a local bus from Beirut to Majdal Anjar, the last town before Syria, should cost you 1-2 USD. There also some old Roman Ruins in Majdal Anjar.

A shared taxi from Majdal Anjar to Damascus should cost you less than 10usd.

The drive from Beirut to Damascus is 116KM/72Miles, and takes 2hour to 4hours, heavily depending on the notorious traffic jams when leaving Beirut.

If going from Tripoli in northern Lebanon to Tartous, will it take you 2-3 hours. 10USD for a shared taxi.

The tour company you arrange your tour with can also arrange a private driver to pick you up in Beirut or Tripoli.

Jordan To Syria overland.

The Jaber Border Crossing between Jordan and Syria is open from 7 am to 15.00 everyday.

And it can get very crowded, especially on Mondays and Sundays.

From Amman, there is a daily bus from Abdali Terminal with Jett Bus to Damascus.

From Amman to the border is only 1hour and 15min. And from the border to Damascus is around 2 hours.

Be aware that your Syrian tour guide will have to pick you up at the Syrian side of the border once you are through immigration and have entered the country and be with you until you leave the country again.

travel syria,damascus

If you visited Syria before the war, did you probably try the world-famous ice cream at Bakdash in Damascus market. It’s still opened and never shut down!

Flying To Syria:

The connection to Damascus International Airport (DAM) is currently not very good from outside the Middle East, but it’s improving.

Just be aware the Israeli Airforce is occasionally bombing Damascus airport; the last time it happened was the 15 September 2018, so the airport sometimes has to shut down for a short time.

Currently so is this the flights that are operating to and from Damascus International Aiport:

Cham Wings Airlines flies from Damascus too, Amman (Jordan), Sharjah (UEA), Moscow (Russia), Kuwait, Muscat(Oman), Ebril (Iraq Kurdistan), Yerevan (Armenia), Beirut (Lebanon), Baghdad, Basra, Najaf (Iraq), Khartoum (Sudan) and Tehran (Iran).

Syrian Air: flies from Damascus too: Dubai (UEA), Kuwait, Doha (Qatar), Cairo, Algiers (Algeria)  and with more destination getting added.

UPDATE  December  2020. There are now 3 international airports working in the country

Aleppo international airport reopened 21 December 2020 with weekly flights to Beirut, Ebril and Cairo.

Latakia International airport has also reopened with flights to Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Damascus, Dubai–International, Kuwait, Sharjah.

Getting Around Syria:

Since you are required to have a local tour guide to travel around the Syrian government-controlled parts of the country.

So are transportation included in the tour package you will have to book before you are allowed to visit.

In some parts of Syria, you will have to get a permit which takes +/- 5 days; Maaloula is one of the places that require a permit.

Same with the Roman ruins at Palmyra and far eastern Syria.

But things change fast in Syria. Places can be open one day, then closed the next day.

And, of course, are the front line around Idlib off-limit, it´s also there still ongoing cleaning operation from the Syrian Army against ISIS around Swedia and the desert close to Palmyra.

The are still a lot of military checkpoints around Syria, so it will take time to travel around.


The I Love Aleppo sign is a favourite selfie spot for locals; notice the rebuilding of the hotel in the background.

Money in Syria:

There are currently NO ATM/Cash Machines in Syria working with foreign bank cards; this is because of Americans and European sanctions against Syria.

So you will have to bring hard cash with you, everything in the country will you have to pay by cash. Euro and USD is the currency to take. I exchanged all my Euro for Syrian Pounds at the hotels I stayed at.

Most ATM´S/cash machines in Beirut and Lebanon has a USD withdrawal option.

Just be aware that exchange shops cant exchange back USD / EURO for your Syrian Pounds, So be sure not to exchange too much the days before leaving.

All hotels accept payments in USD/EURO.

The exchange rate changes almost daily, but around 450 Syrian Pounds for 1 USD And 550 Syrian Pound for Euro was about “normal” when I visited in 2017, now in 2020, the Syrian pound has collapsed, and 1USD is around 2400Syrian Pounds.

Prices have increased quite a lot since my visit to Syria in October 2017 to now in late 2018. The price for most of the hotels has increased by almost 30% in one year.

ETC., the hotel I stayed in 2017 charged 75USD a night with breakfast; now it’s 135USD for the same.

Damacus, visit syria

Souvenirs shops in Damascus.

Getting Online In Syria:

Most hotels and higher-end restaurants and coffee shops/bars have free WIFI, while the connection is not super fast, so have the speed and stability increased a lot over the last year.

If you want to buy a local Simcard will you have to visit a proper MTN or Syriatel office (the small shops on almost every corner cannot sell you), ask your hotel where the closest one is located.
Bring your passport.
The price is 8USD for a local sim card with 5 GB data of data. All the small local phone shops can recharge.

Where To Stay:

Like I mentioned back in my post in 2017, so where most of the hotels already up and running back then.

Now a year later, even are more hotel´s are up and running, you will be surprised by how many foreign tourists you will see in Syria and 2020. It´s actually not rare that the most popular hotels get fully booked these days.

The is hotels for every budget in every city.

Damascus:  You want to stay around Bab Toma, the old part of Damascus.

If you are staying in other parts of the town will a taxi cost you 1 – 2 USD around the city, no meters, agree on the price before going.

Beit Al Wali is the best hotel in the old city of Damascus, It is a beautiful five* hotel in a traditional building in Bab Toma, the old part of Damascus.

I’ve stayed here 4times here myself. This is the hotel every foreign that was visiting Syria during the middle of the war was staying in; it was not rare to see famous western journalists here.

The price is 125/145 USD a night with a great breakfast buffet. I can not recommend this hotel good enough.

This is one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in anywhere in the world, and I stayed here the first time when the war less than 3KM away. The staff here is fantastic.


Traditional Restaurant in an old home in Damascus.

The bar street is less than 5min walk away. You will be surprised that the nightlife in Damascus is as good as anywhere in Europe, and this bar street did never shut down during the war, even when rockets were falling down less than 1km away!

Hotel Al Majed.
A cheaper option right outside Bab Toma. A popular budget option. 33USD for a double room.

A bit outdated. But a great choice, there are more hotels on the same street with similar price.


Park Hotel: located in the middle of the city centre on Baghdad Station Street, a bit run down but a good option.

I’ve stayed here in October 2017 and agian in late 2018. Around 70USD a night,
Other travels are recommending: Riga Hotel for 100USD a night.


Junada Hotel, one of the biggest hostels in Syria. I stayed here in October 2017. Private beach, numerous restaurants. 145 USD a night.

Travellers are reporting that Hotel Cleopatra on Althoura street is an excellent option for 20USD a night.

Is Syria Safe To Visit now?:

The biggest concern for most travellers is the safety of travelling to Syria. The war has now been raging for more than nine years.

Most parts of Syria is now completely safe to visit, especially the capital Damascus and Aleppo is just as safe as big European cities.

Don´t believe me? Go on travelling forums and Facebook groups and read the daily reports from other western travellers visiting Syria these days.

But there are a few things you should absolutely not do while travelling in Syria. But you should always check the latest travel advice and the current security situation in Syria before you decide to travel.


Streets are full of people, and Shisha Houses are full in old town Damascus.

Do NOT TAKE Photos of any Military bases, checkpoints, Soldiers etc. this includes Russian, Iranians and Hezbollah.

While the situation is improving daily, so are soldiers very suspicious of foreign spies even now in 2020.

I know of a few examples of a foreign tourist being stupid and taking photos of checkpoints and army stuff, this resulting in getting all their photos deleted and getting questioned for hours.

How much of the Tourist and historical sites are destroyed in Syria after the civil war:

With a war that now has lasted more than nine years around the country, is there no surprise that some of the Architectural masterpieces that once stood around Syria is destroyed or heavily damaged, but far from everything is destroyed.

And even somethings are completely unharmed, but you do have sited like the Roman ruins of Palmyra that was almost entirely destroyed by ISIS, same is it with Aleppo’s Great Umayyad Mosque, and the historic souq (Reconstructing heavily going on), the dead cities in Idlib are also long gone.

The grand Mosque in Aleppo

Aleppo mosque is severely damaged.

Krak des Chevaliers, one of the most famous castles in the world, got minor damage; reconstruction is going on and should be finished by late 2019.

The Christian temples in Saidnaya were looted and damaged by terrorists, but rebuilding is already completed.

Krak des Chevaliers , visit syria

Krak des Chevaliers

The waterwheels in Hama is also still standing unharmed.

The historical part of Bab Touma. Damascus was hit by rockets and mortars, but every site have been prepared; the national museum of Syria once agian opened for public agian in late October. Bosra Roman Ruins in Southern Syria is entirely unharmed and is now possible to visit.

If you have any questions about visiting this amazing country, feel free to comment, and I will try to answer as good as I can.

Syria economical collapse in 2020.

The Syrian pound has fallen, since the beginning of April 2020, to a level not seen in its history before, so that the Syrian market is affected in one way or another by these consecutive setbacks of its currency, which led to a new rise in prices, and the deterioration of the already tense living situation.

Causes of decline

The drop in oil prices on the international market, which has negatively affected countries supporting the system due to their heavy dependence on oil trade in their economies.

As a result, Iran’s cash assistance to Syria decreased.

The Syrian Central Bank is free from foreign exchange and gold, as the presence of foreign currency reserves and gold are the main pillars upon which national currencies are based.

The central bank has become empty of foreign exchange reserves due to the stoppage of the revenues of land, sea and air transit transport and the stopping of the export movement, the largest contributor to foreign currency revenues.

US and European sanctions imposed on key figures over the local government.

The exchange rate is now 2,700 liras per dollar

The exchange rate was 1050 liras in March

The income of the Syrian citizen became $ 20 a month.

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