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8 Best Wine Travel Destinations Of 2021

best wine travel destinations
We are floundering midway in 2020 and fastly flinging towards the year 2021! The next year would be pretty exciting and fascinating in each corner of the world for tourists. People have already struggled a lot this year to travel. Globetrotters had not discovered a new place, and besides, have spent days in their homes.

The explorers have not known for a while what hiking or motorcycling is all about. The food enthusiasts have not updated their blogs about new food and wine pairings or their latest culinary experiences. I think it is enough for 2020, and it’s time to plan 2021! 

The world is full of sober places. People sophisticatedly travel around these places every year. From the best hotel stays to fantastic food, these places should be a must-visit on your next year’s travel menu. In a genuine sense, things can be challenging to plan for your future adventures.

Starting from which place to hit on, to what time of year to visit those places, travelling needs a lot of planning. But, we at the unusual traveller, research things for you, mix and match destinations, shortlist them to make travel tasks easy for you. 

Alike our words, here we are with a listicle on eight best wine travel destinations of 2021. The crowds would be the best, and the spots would be more than just captivating! Whether it is the food on these heavenly places or the unforgettable wine experiences, you will love and love to stay.
I’m sure only giving a thought to these eight incredible destinations for your next wine travel will make you have goosebumps. Without wasting a single second, let’s read it and explore what gems the world was hiding so far from us, and how we will reveal its secrets in 2021! 

Best Wine Travel Destinations

Switzerland is for wine snobs.

Switzerland in the winters appears in a shade of snowy paradise with snowfalls clinging between the swiss alps. Switzerland has been awarded a place in UNESCO’s world heritage sites for not only once but many times because of its impeccable beauty and exemplifying historical vibe.

Switzerland is historic. Although it has marvellously modern cities like Geneva and Bern looking at which your eyes would not shut out for a moment! 

The Lavaux region is a perfect getaway for oenophiles. The landscapes are blissfully beautiful, with grape cultivation all over four sides. The restaurants offer something in taste and something in wine to everyone who is in love with Switzerland.

Chasselas grapes from Lavaux inspire the wondrous white wines in Switzerland. Looking otherwise, “The Swiss Red” is something that every tourist should have on top of the to-do list. Syrah or Pinot Noir, Gamaret or Garanoir, Switzerland is for wine snobs. >Western Cape Town, South Africa

Western Cape Town, South Africa.

The glamorous port city, Western Cape, is like a big compliment to Cape Town in surreal South Africa. The cityscapes of Cape Town are irreplaceable, and the landscapes of Franschhoek, Paarl, Stellenbosch, and Elgin vineyards in Western Cape are unbelievable.

Of course, a lot more wine regions are around there, but visiting any of these would be remarkable for a lifetime. The wine is alluring, and the food is fabulous.

It seems like Western Cape took an oath to conquer the attention of wine lovers worldwide and delight them with its offerings! The one-day wine tasting tours let you sip the world’s best wines in the morning, afternoon, and evening too! You can randomly spot giraffes while tasting the Andre Champagne in one of the beautiful wineries of South wine travel destinations

Oenophiles go to Bordeaux, France

Oenophiles go to Bordeaux, France. Do you know why? It’s like Mecca for them! Bordeaux is the ultimate destination for savour wines, and the place is god’s own country! Wherever you go in Bordeaux, it is all about wine, wine, and wine. You step down into the city, and you will find the most magnificent architecture.

The heart of the town is full of ancient history, and its cultural character is splendid.

Everything in Bordeaux from pastel mansions to the 18-19th century Cathedrals will exhibit wine vibe somehow.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Petit Verdot are the best Bordeaux blends. From Black Pepper Steak and Buffalo Burgers, Roast Potatoes and Lentils, to Swiss, White Cheddar, and Basque Cheeses, pair anything with Bordeaux wines, and your taste buds won’t regret it. It is the reason Bordeaux is the wine hub of the world! 

Yarra Valley & Tasmania, Australia

Australia has always been on the list of travellers for either its Kangaroos or for its majestic Uluru rock. However, within its multiple accomplishments, Australia is also known globally for its wine lands. Surprisingly, Aussies drink 60 million litres of wine every year. Not only the Yarra Valley but also Tasmania is the bunking point for the wine connoisseurs.

The sparkling Riesling, graceful Chardonnay, electrifying Pinot Noir, chic Shiraz, and the fizz edition of tassies are synonyms to the reputation of Tasmania’s wine production.

Helen & Joey Estate, Coombe Farm, Rob Dolan Wines, and De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate, are some pleasant places to sip Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon Blanc. If you choose Tasmania over Yarra Valley or vice versa, assuredly, you’re going to miss the charm of another site.  best wine travel destinations

Wine connoisseurs prefer Portugal.

The jewel on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal nestles in the Southern European Regions. The neighbour of Spain, Portugal, is world-famous for its saline beaches. The architecture from the 1500s to 1800s holds the impression of Portugal’s maritime empire age.

Many of the Portuguese regions crown the UNESCO world heritage sites, out of which Alentejo is the largest and most lavish. Its wine villages had spellbound tourists with natural flora and fauna.  

Also, the Lisbon city in Portugal is the favourite spot of wine snobs. Its recently undiscovered vineyards make people crawl and compel to spend days therein. Ramisco grapes give out the red glamour, and Malvasia de Colares grapes squeeze out the sparkling white wines.

Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz are the names of renowned wines from Portugal that wine experts search for all the time. Sun-kissed beaches, tranquil facades, pristine ocean, and Portuguese wine is the perfect travel combo! 

Lake Garda & Sicily, Italy

The sexiest destination in the south Italian peninsula is Sicily, a town that everyone admires and adores for his/her entire life! Till now, you have heard about famous Parmesan cheese and Prosecco wine from Italy. But, the Marsala wine is a gift from Sicily in the very 1800s by John Woodhouse. Apart from the transparent island waters, Sicily has the wine cellars that are primitive and phenomenal. 

Besides Sicily, Lake Garda is the grape god region in Northern Italy. Oh My God! How idyllic Italy would be to have two grape ends both on its sides! Bardolino is the best red wine of the region. In whites, Lugana and Custoza are on the top. Mostly the wines in Italy envelopes a savoury blend, fruitful essence, and emotions of local wine travel destinations

California is a city for wine enthusiasts.

California is the crisp of the USA. America is blessed with such a dreamy wine destination at its doorstep. The places are unrivalled, and the visions are unparalleled. Getting to places like Santa Barbara from London or Los Angeles is simple. It is the first reason to rank it first in the wine travel list.

The wine cellars welcome families, and doors to wineries in Santa Barbara are always open. 

While Santa Barbara has gourmet wine tasting tours for you, Temecula Valley has 40 multifarious winery visits waiting for you.

From the uncommon Vermentino, Falanghina, and Counoise grapes to the common Cabernet Sauvignon,  Zinfandel, Grenache, Chardonnay, Syrah, and Merlot wines, Temecula Valley has all. De Portola Wine Trail, Robert Renzoni Vineyards & Winery, Fazeli Cellars, and Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards are some places you should strike for your wine experiences in Californian Temecula Valley. best wine travel destinations

Moldova & Greece in Europe

We all know about Crete and Santorini from Greece. Hardly we have heard of Thessaloniki, which is also in Greece. The sea-sided city in Greece reflects the azure waters of European seas, and the markets, mansions, and men are as friendly as you expect. The old warehouses are now modern wine bars, and the sick garages are trendy restaurants in town.

Like Greece is among the top ten fascinating European countries to travel in 2021, Moldova is among the top ten enticing countries famous for its wines. It is home to over 150 wine producers that produce the finest wines. You will find the biggest underground wine cellar in the world in Moldova!

So, no matter how hard the year 2020 hits your travel etiquette, remember, 2021 is all set for you. Start researching your dreamy wine destination right now, plan the next wine excursion well in advance, and be ready to sip some explicit wines around the world!