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5 Bird Watching Sites across India You Must Visit

Bird watching is a trendy and healthy hobby. Not only is it a fascinating and informative scientific sport, but it also allows us to get away from our hectic routines and reconnect with nature. Watching Sites across India

Now, several amazing birding destinations in the world have different and unique species. India is a very diverse country, mainly because of its massive area and different terrains. It is also a prime location for winter migrating birds, and it has several impressive sanctuaries and national parks that are the dream of any enthusiastic bird watcher. 

Therefore, in today’s post, I am going to tell you about some of the prime bird-watching destinations in India; therefore, keep reading to learn more.

Bharatpur National Park.Watching Sites across India

The Bharatpur National Park is quite a famous wildlife sanctuary and a paradise for birding enthusiasts. The park is also known as the Keoladeo National Park, and it is also listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. 

This 29 km long reserve is a combination of woodlands, wetlands, swamps, and dry grasslands, which makes it a diverse habitat for about 366 different species of birds. Every year, thousands of waterfowl migrate to this park in the winters for breeding apart from the local birds every year. 

The Bharatpur National Park is among the wealthiest sanctuaries in the world when it comes to bird species. The park has a very symbolic arc; once it used to be a waterfowl hunting ground for royalty and the elite British rulers of India, however, in 1971, it was converted into an asylum and haven for these birds. 

If you are visiting India for a bird watching tour, this is a remarkable destination that you can’t afford to miss out on. Therefore, pack your binoculars and get going. 

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.Watching Sites across India

Situated near the crowded city of New Delhi, the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is the perfect getaway for any nature lover or bird watching enthusiast. The sanctuary has many local species, and it is also home to a large number of migratory birds in the winter, situated on the Gurgaon-Farukh Nagar Road. About 40 kilometres away from the city, the amazing bird sanctuary has upwards of 250 species of birds during the peak winter season. 

The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary has been given the status of a natural park, protected and preserved. This is a must-visit destination for any bird enthusiast travelling to India, because every winter, birds from all over Siberia, Europe, and Central Asia flock here. 

The sanctuary has four different towers that also make for the excellent viewing experience, especially if you have a high magnification camera of a nice pair of binoculars. 

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary.Watching Sites across India

The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is a fantastic bird haven within Karnataka. It is a popular destination for local and foreign birding enthusiasts, as it is a habitat for a wide array of bird species. 

The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is the largest one in the entire state. The reserve stretches over six small islands located on the bank of the majestic Kaveri river. This makes for an impressive and unique landscape that attracts many tourists other than bird watchers as well. 

As far as birding enthusiasts are concerned, the exceptional landscape and that beautiful vegetation only amplifies the bird-watching experience and makes for an excellent retreat from our hectic routines. 

The sanctuary has about 170 prominent species, the most revered of which are the Painted Stork, Black-headed Ibis, Woolly-necked Stork, Asian Openbill Stork, and Common Spoonbill.  Apart from birds, this sanctuary is also home to some unique small animals, including Flying Foxes and Bonnet Macaques.

With all the other activities like boating, and hiking the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is the perfect getaway nature destination for you, your friends, and your family. 

Karnala Bird Sanctuary.Watching Sites across India

At a small detour from the Mumbai-Pune expressway, you can locate the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. Though the name of the sanctuary may have the word bird in it, several other species in this sanctuary will amaze and astound you. 

Established in 1968, the sanctuary covered an area of only four and a half kilometres, however in 2003, it was expanded to include a total area of more than 12 sq. km. 

These days the amazing Karnala Bird Sanctuary is quite famous among hikers and bird watchers as it gives them a fantastic chance to get away from their busy urban jungle lives. 

This fantastic sanctuary also has an additional attraction for tourists other than the birds, in the centre of the sanctuary, you can also find the remains of the Karnala Fort. Apart from birdwatchers, hikers, and nature lovers, the sanctuary has something for historians as well. 

Vedanthangal Bird sanctuary.Watching Sites across India

The Vedanthangal Bird sanctuary is situated within the city of Kancheepuram. It is a protected sanctuary that covers a total area of around 30 hectares. This fantastic sanctuary has massive diversity, and at the peak of the migrating season, it can have somewhat of 40,000 different bird species from all over the world. 

This moving traffic of birds in the Vedanthangal Bird sanctuary is because of its small lakes, which are amazing breeding and feeding ground for many species. This is a spot where you don’t even need any optic to spot birds. As soon as you get close, you will see many different species feeding, flying from tree to tree, or swimming in the fertile lakes. The birds seem to love their migrated vacation to this sanctuary. 

Like some other bird sanctuaries in the country, the Vedanthangal Bird sanctuary was also known as a hunting ground. The word Vedanthangal translates into the hamlet of a hunter. However, now hunting is prohibited, and the birds can nourish themselves and breed safely on these grounds. 

Final thoughts:

India is a vast country, and it has many diverse terrains that make perfect habitats for many species of birds. The country has many birding destinations, which anyone who claims to be a bird-watching enthusiast has to experience it once in their lives.

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5 Bird Watching Sites across India You Must Visit

Travel guide to 5 Bird Watching Sites across India You Must Visit