Q: How many countries have I visited?
To this day have I been to 97countires

Q: What Camera do I use?
I’m currently using Olympus OMD EM1
But I have previously used Pentax k100 and K20d, Canon Eos 60d, Canon G11 and G16

Q: Whats my favourite place?
This is question impossible to answer, I have been a lot of amazing places, the best beaches I have seen is in East Timor, Friendliest people have I meet in Iran, Pakistan and Nepal
My favourite city´s are Lisbon in Europe, Kathmandu in Asia, Esfahan in Iran is by far the most beautiful city anywhere in the world, Cape Town in South Africa is amazing, and I do also like Mexico City a lot.

But in General, do I find Iran and Nepal to be the two best places to travel around.

Q: How can I afford it?
I work a bit while traveling, and I go home once a year to Norway to work for a few months

Q: Whats my budget? 
I never have a set budget, I like to live the good and eat good, and I prefer flying to long bus journeys. I try to do it as cheap as possible but never a set budget for each day. But it’s normally easy to live for less then 20Usd a day

Q: What do I pack?
I have already talked about that in the posts What to pack for a long trip and What to pack for a Europe Trip

Q: How many language do I speak?
I’m fluent in Norwegian, Swedish and English, and I understand a bit of Chinese and Spanish. From my travel, an experience is English more than enough, even in China and remote places in Africa and Europe, some people ALWAYS speaks some English, but sometimes they are just to shy to do so.

Q: Have I ever been in Danger?
I have had weapons pointed at me sometimes, I have also been in a few car/bus accident and I have been on a capsizing ferry in Indonesia

Q: Have I got robbed?
Yes, I have got all my stuff was stolen, passport, wallet, camera, laptop etc. Yes, EVERYTHING. But I have gotten more stuff stolen from other travelers in Hostels around the world, especially in Thailand and Australia

Q: Do I get lonely?
No, even I prefer to travel alone do I always meet other travelers, even in the most remotest places in the world, don´t believe you will be more lonely traveling around etc, Afghanistan then you will in Thailand. And the more remote you travel the more welcoming are the locals.

Please leave a comment if you have more questions and I will add it to the question list

    1. Hi, I’m currently home in Norway, sorting out some paperwork, and a new passport.
      I do get tired of traveling, specially when I visit overcrowded and touristy places like Bali.

      Then I just head off to a remote place for sometime, turn of my phone and don’t talk to anyone. Or if I’m in a big city like New Delhi/Mexico City/Beijing, find a small guesthouse with my own room, go to the cinema, buy some takeaway pizza and beer back to my room, and just relax for sometime

  1. Hi, Chris

    My name is Reinhard. I live in the US. Due to bad health I’m nearly housebound. But I love to read about travel experiences around the world. I came across your blog when I was looking for info about the Aral Sea. Now I am hooked on reading about your journeys. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your adventures. Your site is now bookmarked on my little tablet and I will be checking in often.

    Thanks again and safe travels, Rein……

  2. Hi Chris,
    my name is Francesco Morra, I’m an Italian journalist and I really like to travel.
    I have just a question, what is your job? Have you ever worked as a reporter or travel blog? if yes, for which magazine?

  3. Why don’t you share the story of how you got robbed (situation, where, when, what happened)?
    I am very curious. I especially travel African countries (non-touristic and touristic ones) and I’ve always the luck that I did not encounter any big problems. That’s why I’m curious what happened to you. If you already post it someone (like on a forum) you can send the link to.

    Thank you in advance!

  4. HI CHRIS,


  5. Hi.
    Really liked you Syria trip. What’s the best way to get to Syria these days?
    Contacts for visas etc.


  6. Hi Chris,

    What do you do for work? I also have a website, but, due to work I have not had the chance to go on nearly half the amount of trips.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  7. I am going to Peru in few weeks and I would like to find out more about that bus that you took to the top, since most of the people write about long hike up. I am taking my kids with me they are ok with hiking but I don’t think they will be happy about 4 hrs up 🙂

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