Isla Holbox, Mexico’s finest.

isla holbox


I rarely visit beaches anymore, at least compared to my first trips, but after I had traveled around Mexico for a while did I deiced to check out the world-famous beaches of Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

I can easily say that these two places made it straight into my top 10 WORST places I have ever been in my life.

I just felt sick when I arrived, extremely overpriced, overweight tourist everywhere, and shitty fast food, I just had to leave and find a relaxing place for some time, so I could recharge.

Only 3 hours from Cancun, but so different.

Luckily did I find the Island of Holbox.

Not many people around

Isla Holbox offers everything Cancun don´t; it’s peaceful, dirt cheap and no hassle.

isla holbox
Crystal clear water

But the Holbox is changing fast, new big hotels are opening up, and more and more tourist agencies is Europe is sending people there instead, with promises of a relaxing holiday.

Need a place to stay? Check out this hotel recommendation from my friend over Trattravelingmitch

Isla Holbox has been famous in the diving community for years since its one of the top places in the world to see whale sharks, and Holbox is fast becoming an ideal place to learn Kitesurfing.

Conditions are suitable for beginners, as the beach has shallow waters, no big obstacles on the wide and long beach, many days of wind during the winter months, and a nearby school with professional instructors.
Advanced riders can also find very good conditions when the north or south winds reach 25 knots or more.

There more or less no cars on the island, so the only way to get around is by renting a golf cart, but the island is small enough so you can walk literally everywhere, but renting a golf cart and drive around on the sand is a lot of fun.


isla holbox
relax here without crowds
isla holbox
There are a few pelicans hanging out

Additional information about Isla Holbox.

Getting there.

There’re a few buses a day from Cancun to Chiquila; the ride takes about 2hours.

From Chiquila, take a short ferry ride to Isla Holbox. The ferry ride takes no more than 25min and costs 100pesos.  The ferry leaves Chiquila every hour during the day.

Where to stay.

Tribu Hostel. Dorms from 11USD.

A calm and laid back hostel no more than 40meters from the beach.
The hostel offers a well-stocked guest kitchen, a small bar, small rooftop, and a laid-back hangout area.
I’ll recommend you to get one of the rooms/dorms in the back of the hostel facing away from the bar; the music gets a bit loud if you want to get an early night.

Kitesurf lessons, bike rentals, kayak tours, fishing tours, horse riding tours, discounts for the extended stay, book exchange, BBQ, and friendly.


There’s two ATM´S on Isla Holbox, but they are OFTEN empty, so you should bring some extra cash from Cancun.

Isla Holbox is Mexicos best beach, forget the tourist magnet Cancun or Playa del carmen
Isla Holbox is Mexicos best beach, forget the tourist magnet Cancun or Playa del carmen

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  1. Cancun is really incradible, the problem that it is rare to find someoen speaks French or even english

    1. Everyone has different meaning and experience, for me is Cancun one of the most overrated places I have been on earth ever. Absolutely nothing impressed me there

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