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Kayangel Atoll A Pradise With A Population Of Only 54 In Palau

Kayangel Atoll an untouched paradise with a population of only 54!
This tiny unspoiled Atoll is also the northernmost state of the 16 states that make up the small nation of Palau in Micronesia.

Kayangel Palau

Kayangel from above, population 54!

Kayangel is no more than a small dot on the map; the Kayangel is no bigger than 1.4 km2 (0.54 sq mi) 2,570 m (8,430 ft) long, and the width between 270 m (890 ft) in the south and 700 m (2,300 ft) to the north.

Kayangel is also one of only two sandy Atolls in the whole of Palau.

Palau map

Map over Palau, Kayngel is in the far north.

But to most peoples surprise so is Kayangel neither the smallest in size nor the one with the smallest population of the states in Palau, that’s Hatohobei which is only 0.88 km² and has a population of 25!


Kayangel from the air, 

Kayangel is as untouched as it gets these days, wild nature, reefs, pristine beaches and probably the most transparent water in all of Palau.

And with only 1 shop and a tinny school, with a small library, and all electricity comes from solar panels and small Generators on the Atoll, so life goes on without many worries here, but the place often gets completely isolated during bad wheater, there´s no flights or public ferries to this remote paradise in Micronesia.

There can go days between the time local speed boats can venture this far north, only when the sea conditions allow it.

boat Kayengel Palau

The white boat is the boat I used to Kayangel from Babeldaob.

And during my visit so where the wheater Gods not on our side, so the 40km/25miles trip from the northern tip of Babeldaob (90km from Koror) was extremely bumpy and wet, I was completely soaked when arriving back on land, which is no wonder since the trip took almost 3 hours back, double of the normal time which is 1,5hour.

kayengel palau

The main street


Fresh fruit outside houses

Kayengel atoll

local house Kayangel

Kayangel map

Map over Kayangel

While Kayangel is the largest Atoll and only inhabited island and home to all five settlements in the Islet, so is the whole is called the Kayangel Islet (also called Ngcheangel or Ngajangel) the other Atolls here are: Ngeriungs, Ngerebelas and Orak

And the whole Islet is also known as the Ngkesol Marine Protected Area, an important nesting site for both the Green Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle.

Kayangell atoll Palau

Kayangel and Ngeriungs islet



kayengel orak islet

Orak islet the smallest atolls in the islet

And just north-west of Kayangel is the Ngaruangel Marine Reserve a protected area with the reefs here mostly being uncharted.

Palau protected area

The whole area is a protected marine reserve.

While there´s not too much to do in this part of Palau, so is it still very well worth the trip up here, if the wheater allows it, and my visit was the first tourist visit to Kayangel in 3 weeks due to the rough wheater conditions.

Arriving in Kayangel and walking around reminded me of my first travels more than 10 years ago, still quiet, no tourists facilities, but even here have 3g internet connection arrived.

Kayengel palau

Crystal clear water and a paradise beach with no tourists.

The best way to visit Kayangel is to use Rock Island Tour Company, a very Profesional Japanese travel company in Palau (English speaking staff), as mentioned in this general post about Palau, so is it almost impossible to visit/do a lot of things in Palau on your own, and there´s very little public land in Palau, so many beaches, waterfalls etc. are located on private land which requires you to pay an entrance fee.

Ngerebelas palau

Ngerebelas island

And same with Ngerebelas, a beautiful uninhabited island which the tour will stop on for, some beach time and snorkelling (dolphins and turtles are common) in what´s probably the clearest water in Palau, and after a lunch at a small shack on Ngerebelas.

Ngerebelas beach

Ngerebelas beach

Visiting Ngerebelas is only possible through a tour since the island is privately owned and not allowed to be visited on your own.

Ngerebelas palau


Ngerebelas palau

A small sandbank outside Ngerebelas


Ngerebelas beach

Kayangel water

Even with darks skies so can you see how clear the water is

palau beach

rain is coming

How To Visit Kayangel Islet.

As already mentioned so is the preferred and easiest way to visit Kayangel trough a day trip with a local company from Koror.

You can also ask around in Koror for local speed boats, fishermen or if one of the many dive companies are planning any dive trips to the reefs around Kayangel. But often the boat´s won´t leave from Koror but Konrei the northernmost spot on the main island in Palau, there´s no public transportation to this point in Palau.

Konrei palau

Konrei where most boats leave from

But be aware that if you want to stay a few days up here so will it most likely be very tricky to arrange your trip back to Koror. There´s 1 local homestay which is the only accommodation option here.

travel guide to Kayangel atoll in northern Palau

Travel Guide to Kayangel Atoll one of the most remote places in Palau


Sunday 24th of April 2022

Very good information to consider my friend. I really appreciate it! Considering this trip when I go in august but understand it far more off the beaten path. How much did the tour cost you? Any additional info you have will help.