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  1. Amy says

    Such a great blog with amazing tips. Thank you very much. If you have never been in Albania, I would recommend you visit the country. A gem in Europe.

  2. Justine L. says


    Do you still recommend the trail considering there was a lot of mosquitoes ? I will be going there around mid-june and plaining the hike the whole trail.

    Thank you!

    • Christian L. says

      Kungsleden is a beautiful hike and it´s worth doing despite the mosquitos. Just be sure to bring mosquito repellent. I recently hiked the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland too, and the mosquito problem in Greenland is miles worse than Kungsleden.


  3. Nika says

    Hey Cristian:)
    Thanks for the great itineraryy !
    My boyfriend and I are doing Kungsleden at the end of the August,I have no exp whatsoever with tracking and backpacking, since you’ve done this one already what’s your opinion, will it be difficult for me?

    • Christian L. says

      Hello Nika.

      I would say that the Kungsleden trail is a very easy, beginners trek, the trail is very well marked and maintained so there´s no need for a map on this hike.
      There´s also emergency wind shelters on the most windy places on the hike where you can have a rest. So there´s nothing to worry about.

  4. Stefan says

    Great article!
    Even as a Swede, I really hate mosquitos, therefor I went this part of Kungsleden in the end of August and beginning of September. Less crowded with people, and no mosquitos! You can find really good information about the trail here: and use the Google translate plugin on the site.

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