Lisbon, The sunshine capital of Europe

Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, has to be the most underrated city in all of Europe, it´s not only one of the cheapest capital in western Europe.
It’s also the capital with the sunniest days in all of Europe with an average of 2799 sunny hours a year, with Athens in Greece on second place with 2771 hours and Madrid the capital of Spain on third place with 2769hours.

The city center is the home to none more than half a million people, that makes the city not too crowded and you can walk everywhere in the city center easily by foot.

Lisbon will remind you of cities like San Fransisco in the USA, Istanbul in Turkey and Rome in Italy since the city is built over seven hills. With the lowest point being at only 2 meters (7ft) above sea level to the highest point at to 227meters (744ft).

This lets you get a good day exercise when you have to walk up and down hills all day long, but if you don´t feel for walking too much can you take a ride on the oldest working tram system in Europe, a sight on its own.

One of the hill trams in the city that only shuttle people up and down a steep hill, less than the 1minute ride from start to the end.

Lisbon has one of the most colorful architectures in Europe. You can find everything from Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline, Baroque, Traditional Portuguese, Modern and Post-Modern styles.

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One of the colorful neighborhoods in Lisbon

Lisbon center lacks the typical sights; the most interesting sights are located a short day trip away in Belem and Sintra.
So the best thing do just to walk around Lisbon looking at some funny graffiti that’s located in the city.

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Some of the graffiti that’s located all around Lisbon

Or just walk around the city to you find a good viewpoint where you can enjoy a cold beer or a coffee while you are taking a break from the sun.

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Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen is probably the best viewpoint in Lisbon.

The city square of “Praça do Comércio” that´s located right by the water is also a great place to enjoy a cold beer, but, unfortunately, is there a lot of annoying drug dealers in this area, it´s hard to walk around without someone trying to sell you drugs.

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Praça do Comércio square in Lisbon, the starting point for the tourist trams around the city
#Lisbon #Portugal
One of the small local bars around the Lisbon waterside

Additional info about Lisbon

How to get there

Lisbon is easily reached by flights from all over Europe and many parts of Africa.
Portugal’s largest international airport is the Aeroporto da Portela is located just outside of Lisbon and can be easily reached from the city center with the city metro, a ride from the airport to the center takes about 40min.


Euro is the currency in Portugal

Portugal and Lisbon is one off, if not the cheapest country in western Europe.
You can easily live for around 20Euro a day, a good hostel starts from 8Euro and often include a big breakfast plus free coffee/tea all day.

Metro Ticket in Lisbon – 1.9 Euro for one ride with unlimited line changes or 6 Euro for a 24hours ticket.
1L Bottle of water  – 0.8 Euro.
0.33L Coke/Pepsi – 1.1 Euro.
Meal in a local restaurant – 3-4 Euro.
Meal in a good restaurant – 7-9 Euro.
Big Mac meal at Mcdonalds – 6 Euro.
Coffee in a coffee chain – 1.5 Euro.
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) – 5 Euro.
Beer local 0.6L can – 1.1 Euro.
Beer imported 0.33L (Heineken) – 1.4 Euro.
Gasoline (1 liter) – 1.4 Euro.

Where to Sleep.

Hostels in Lisbon are world class, and they often win prices for that, in 2015 this Lisbon get TOP 6 of the annual Hoscar awards for best medium hostels (76-150 beds) worldwide based on your reviews from 2014.
And top 2/3 of the best hotels in all of Europe is located in Lisbon.

Rossio Hostel. 
Located just steps away from Rossio square and Rossio metro station. Dorms from 12Euro with a big breakfast included. Small hostel with super friendly and helpful staff located right next to one of the main squares and supermarkets in the center oft he city.

Travelers House.
Have won the price for Best Hostel Worldwide no more than 4times, located on one of the most famous streets in all of Portugal. Dorms from 12 Euro with breakfast included.
The best located? Hostel in all of Lisbon it´s a very clean and relaxing hostel with a fantastic staff.

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Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, has to be the most underrated city in all of Europe, it´s not only one of the cheapest capital in western Europe.
Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, has to be the most underrated city in all of Europe, it´s not only one of the cheapest capital in western Europe.

  1. I was just in Lisbon about two weeks ago and I must say I was very disappointed. Obidos, which was about an hour ride is beautiful. Last year I was in Porto and must say I enjoyed that so much more. Prices were a lot lower in Porto than Lisbon. Short ride from Porto is the town Ponte De Lima which had an amazing market as well as beautiful sites. I wish I saw Lisbon through your eyes because it was a huge miss for me.

    1. HI

      I liked Óbidos to a lot, i did also visit Sintra.
      Sintra was nice as well but very touristy. I think the reason i liked Lisbon so much was because i found a nice cheap flat trough Airbnb in a great untouristy area, with some small and cheap local restaurants.

      Lisbon was just a nice and laid back city that was easy to walk around and find small quiet areas specially since Since i don´t visit museums and stuff like that anymore(they all look the same)

  2. My roommate used to live in Lisbon. She already sold me on going there and this post just makes my heart open even more to this wonderful city. Thanks for the post 🙂

  3. Lisbon is very nice, but I loved Sintra, especially the castle “Quinta da Regaleira”, an absolutely must see. I have never seen anything alike, not to mention that there weren’t many tourists there (I went in December 2015). For the prices I cannot agree, I paid around 15 euros for a meal and I wasn’t eating in fancy restaurants. I found the entrance tickets to the main attractions fairly expensive (10-12 eur). Curiously enough the ticket for Quinta da Regaleira was only 6 euros and it was amazing, totally worth it. Spain and Italy have lower entrance rates.
    Porto is magical, it looks like an untouched 19th century city. If you ignore the subway you can actually feel as if you are living in the past.

    1. I really enjoyed Sintra to, but the wheater was unfortunately very bad there during my stay there (September 2015). I was working on a post about Sintra but I’m not happy with my photos from there:/ Im planning to visit Portugal again soon and Porto and the north is where I will spend most time.

  4. We have been to Lisbon and we just loved it, especially the old district. We could also take out a day for a day trip to Sintra which is a wonderful place too. We believe Lisbon has many hidden gems and a must visit destination. Thanks Christian for such an inspiring post. Hope this would encourage many to take this awesome place on their bucketlist.

  5. Belém is part of Lisbon, it is not another town as you suggested, in fact the Presidential Palace is located in Belém, just behind “Museu dos Coches”.

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