Pakistan Travel Guide

Pakistan a country you never hear anything good about in the media, but that´s a shame since Pakistan is a country with incredible beauty with the high Karakoram Mountains, the crystal clear rivers, breathtaking nature, one of the best road trips in the world along the Karakoram Highway.
And best of all it´s a dirt cheap travel destination.

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Driving Along Karakoram Highway in northern Pakistan

Important Travel Facts About Pakistan

  • Visa is only issued in your home country or country of residence! So the only way to get it if already out traveling is to send your passport back home.
  • The border in the north with China close 31st. November and open again normally 1th May again.
    During winter, the roads are blocked by snow.
  • Daily Budget: Low 5/10 Usd. Middle 10/20Usd. High 25+Usd.

Fast Facts about Pakistan

  • Capital: Islamabad, but Karachi is the biggest city.
  • Population: Approximately 200 Million.
  • Language: Urdu and English, it was never a problem finding English-speaking locals even in rural areas.
  • Currency: Pakistani rupee (RPS or Rs) 100RPS to 1USD and 110RPS to 1 Euro.

Travel Tips About Pakistan

  • ATM in the big city´s, only ATM´s in Gilgit in the north, bring USD/Euro to exchange.
  • If crossing the border to China, try to get some Chinese RMB before Sost, Sost often runs out of RMB.
  • Bring photocopies of your passport and visa, there´s checkpoints where you need it.
  • Only drink bottled water!

When to Visit

  • In Central and southern Pakistan: November to April.
  • Northern Mountains Areas: Can be visited all year but nights in December to February gets very cold.
  • Far Northern areas shut down from 1.December to around 1.may when the border with China is closed.
  • Do Not visit  central Pakistan in August it´s unbearable warm and humid!

Food to Try

  • Haleem
  • Samosas
  • Behari Kabab
  • Biryani

Table Manners

  • When offered, always accept tea, even if you only put it to your lips or just take a few sips.
  • Do not chew loud enough for others to hear.
  • Chew with your mouth closed.
  • Don´t put your elbows on the table.

Top Things to Do in Pakistan

Pakistan offers the best road trip in the world. the Karakoram Highway.

Pakistan Travel TIps