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Visiting Al Wahbah Crater In Saudi Arabia.

In western Saudi Arabia is a natural wonder that intel recently was pretty unknown to the outside world, but with the recent opening up for tourism in Saudi Arabia are now the hidden gems of the country getting discovered by tourists from all over the world.
The largest country in the Middle East has so much to offer.

Al Wahbah Crater, a giant volcanic crater holds its very own field of salt.

Al Wahbah Crater In Saudi Arabia.

Al Wahbah Crater. The photo was taken from my DJI Mavic 2

For a long time was it believed that Al Wahbah Crater was created by an ancient meteor strike.

But now geologist instead has accepted that the crater was created volcanic activity in the form of an underground eruption that was caused when a flow of magma hit an underwater source of water which resulted in a colossal explosion creating the crater.

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The crater is 250m/820ft deep and two km/1.2 mi across in diameter.

Al Wahbah crater

Al Wahbah crater since from the edge of the crater.

white sodium phosphate in Al Wahbah Crater In Saudi Arabia.

White sodium phosphate in the middle of the crater.

Al Wahbah Crater In Saudi Arabia. Al Wahbah Crater In Saudi Arabia.

If you are staying overnight can you hike down to the bottom of the crater which covered with white sodium phosphate crystals.

The hike down to the centre is zigzagging along the edge of the craters and is very steep and rocky, so good shoes are recommended.

The hike takes around 40-60min down and close to two hours up.
It´s also recommended to do the hike only in the early morning or in the late evening do the intense sun and no shade in the area.

Since I only made a day trip to Al Wahbah Crater from Jeddah did I not have time to do the hike into the base of the crater.

A beautiful view from the edge of the crater.

A beautiful view from the edge of the crater.

More Photos I took with my drone.

Al Wahbah Crater In Saudi Arabia. Al Wahbah Crater In Saudi Arabia. Al Wahbah Crater In Saudi Arabia. Al Wahbah Crater In Saudi Arabia.

How To Get to/visit Al Wahbah Crater in Saudi Arabia.

Al Wahbah Crater is located in the middle of “nowhere” on the western edge of the Harrat Kishb basalt plateau. It’s 350km/217miles northeast of Jeddah, a 4 hours drive and 230km/143miles 3 hours drive north of Taif. So it’s far away from everything.

Saudi arabia road

There´s a long and lonely road to Al Wahbah crater.

There is no public transportation to Al Wahbah crater, so the only way to get here is either by hiring a car with driver or to drive here yourself.
I chose the last option and hired a car with three other friends at Jeddah Airport and drove here.
A small sedan costed 250SAR (64USD) for 24hours with unlimited Km. Be aware that most car rentals in Saudi Arabia have a daily limit on 250km a day.

Click here to read “Everything That You Need To Know Before Traveling To Saudi Arabia, also which is the best car rental company.

So if you are planning to drive to Al Wahbah so is it necessary to have unlimited KM. The road from Jeddah to the edge of the crater is perfect, the whole way, so a small sedan is good enough to reach the crater, but if you want to drive around the crater is a 4X4 required.

A car with a driver will cost you around 200usd for a full day.

Camels Saudi Arabia

Watch out for Camels along the way.

Accommodation Around Al Wahbah Crater.

There is no accommodation close to the crater; in fact, are the closest accommodation option is almost 100km/62miles away in a small sleepy village called Maradkht.
But there´s a lot of camping spots around the crater, but you will have to bring your own tent. Al Wahbah Crater is a popular weekend destination for people from Jeddah and Taif, especially since they will be able to see sunrise and sunset at the crater.

Food Options Around Al Wahbah Crater.

There is no restaurant or shops around Al Wahbah Crater and like with accommodation is the closest option around 100km/62miles away in a small sleepy village called Maradkht.
So you will have to bring all your food/snacks and water with you.

And be sure to bring enough water, there´s almost no shade around the crater and the temperature often reach +40c/105F in the area

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Travel guide to AL Wahbah Crater in Saudi Arabia a natural wonder in the middle east.

Camylla Jacques

Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

Hello Christian, Thank you for your post. I am heading to the crater this weekend, for camping with friends from Riyadh. Do you remember having restroom facilites within the camping area? Also, did you have special permit to use drone for the pictures? Thank you very much

Christian L.

Thursday 4th of November 2021

Hello Camylla There were public toiles there, but I can´t remember if there were any camping facilities there, but I do know some people that have been camping at the top of the crater. I didn't need any permit to use my drone at the crater, or anywhere else in Saudi Arabia


Friday 22nd of October 2021

Thanks for the great post. Did you have to get a permit in advance to use your drone in saudi or did you just bring it?

Christian L.

Friday 22nd of October 2021

I didn't need any permits, I only brought it with me, and I didn't have any problem at all. But I didn´t use it inside any city


Saturday 23rd of January 2021

Hi, Thanks for sharing your experience. Do you know whats the hotel called in Maradkht? Planning to spend the night there...Any advise?

Christian L.

Sunday 27th of June 2021

Hello hello. Did you manage to visit Al Wahbah crater?


Wednesday 11th of March 2020

Such a wonderful photos. Did you pass by any checkpoint?

Christian L.

Wednesday 11th of March 2020

Hello Shar. There is one checkpoint when going into Mecca which is along the way, but if you turn of there so no checkpoints.

olivier delobbe

Tuesday 24th of December 2019

Hallo, Hallo

Thx for the nice report

Which rent a car company do you choose to receive a fare with unlimited KM Did you rent from Jeddah airport Thx foor your answer Olivier Luxembourg

Christian L.

Sunday 26th of January 2020

Heey. So sorry for the late reply, the car company is AL WEFAQ RENT A CAR with an office at Jeddah International airport. Their office I located in the same building as all the other car rental companies.