What to pack for a Europe trip

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I have already mentioned inWhat to pack for longer backpacking trips” what you should carry with you on longer trips, so this post will cover what you will need while traveling around Europe.

First of all, you should carry much less luggage when traveling in Europe compared to Asia/Africa and South America.
Yes, some countries are colder than others and I’m not trying to make you freeze your ass off! The reason is simple.. budget!

There are more than 20 low-cost airlines in Europe, and all of them charge an extra fee if you want to check in your luggage.
The price ranges from, 15 to 75+ euro per. bag you check in! So if you can manage with just a small backpack/carry-on, you save a ton of money.

I traveled Norway – Portugal – Spain – Ireland – Norway with only hand luggage a while back, and all 4 flights, combined, only costed me 60 euros. Compare this to the 240 euros it would have cost me by checking in my luggage, it’s clear to see how much this can help your budget.

As I always say, “Travel Light!”

What to pack

On my Europe trips I use and recommend, my Jack Wolfskin crosswind 26.
Good quality, nice and light backpack I can count on (..unlike my former piece-of-shit-bag, Osprey!)

This is what I carried in my backpack on my latest 3 week trip around Europe:
– One pair of Trousers
– Two pairs of normal shorts
– One pair of swimming shorts

– Four shirts
– One sweater
– One Jacket

– Five pairs of underwear
– Two pairs of socks

– One Towel

– Toiletries
– Ear Plugs! – It’s A Must! (Read: 10 Important Things That I Learned…..)
– One pair of shoes – Salomon speed cross 3 gtx. Great shoes for CityWalk and hiking.
– One pair of flip-flops – Some cheap one I bought in Taiwan.
– One Belt

– A Silk Sleeping bag
– Laundry Bag –  To keep the dirt and smelly clothes separated from the clean ones.

– Headlamp – This very useful when you sleep in dorms so you don’t need to turn on the light and wake up the whole room just to find out your stuff or read something.

– Camera
– Tablet
– E-reader

That’s all you need!

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  1. Wow, I’m not sure I could survive on that for a weekend, let alone for 3 weeks. That is definitely a minimalist wardrobe, but I can see where it would be a money saver.

  2. I started out with a big backpack, and a ton of stuff I rarely used. Since then, my bags are just getting smaller and smaller. Traveling light (45L, rarely fully packed), let’s me walk a lot longer and saves me a ton of money, so I totally agree with you ! TRAVEL LIGHT ! 😀

    I also check what kind of things might be cheaper than usual in the countries I’m visiting (sometimes it’s cheaper to buy as you go). F.ex: If I’m traveling to china, where I can buy T-shirts, socks and underwear for next to nothing ($1), I skip these things from home.

    1. 45L is a perfect size backpack for longer backpacker trips, no reason at all to pack anymore then that,

      I agree with buying stuff on the road, you support the local economy for the locals, more then any western government will everyday with their sending money to poor counties program.

    1. HI

      I used to carry a a sink plug, but i have a bad habit in forgeting my stuff, so after i forgot 3/4 in different guesthouses. I just gave it up to carry it around.
      So normaly these days do i give in and deliver my dirty cloths to laundry;/

  3. Hey great list. I like how you limit the amount of clothes to take. Clothing can be the biggest weight anybody takes on their trips as well as all the “what if” items. (items you take just in case you need them) I travel everywhere with just one small backpack and I never miss what I don’t bring.

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