A Visit to Burana Tower in Kyrgyzstan.

Burana Tower is one of the easiest day trips to undertake from Bishkek, which is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. And best of it is this attractive day trip shouldn’t cost you more than 15USD.

The 24meter(79feet) tall Burana tower/minaret, is located in the Chuy Valley, which is 74km/43miles away to the east of Bishkek.
Burana Tower is the last symbol that remains the medieval city of Balasagun that once stood here.

Burana Tower,Kyrgystan,central asia,silk road
A local houres rider arriving at the tower, on a full sunny day will see snow mountains in the background.

Balasagun, established by the Karakhanids in the 9th century, has virtually disappeared. Only a few artifacts could remind people of the old minaret – the Burana Tower, which is the most important symbol of the former glory of Balasagun.

Burana Tower is now 24meters (79feet) tall but it´s said to have been up to 46meters (138feet) tall during Balasagun, a huge earthquake that struck the area in the 15th century, made 20meters (60feet) fall off, so now the tower is only around its original height.

The Tower was renovated in the 1970s by the Russians during the Soviet.

Burana Tower
Burana Tower

To enter the Tower you’ll have to climb some newly built metal stairs on the backside of it,  by climbing a winding stairway inside the tower, it will get visitors to the top. From there you will get a great panoramic view of the surrounding fields and even the Tian Shan mountains on a clear day.

During my visit the door was closed, the locals said the guard who holds the key to the tower wasn´t expecting any visitors that day, so he took a day off.

There´s also a small museum inside a traditional Yurt, close to the minaret, the museum has a small collection of artifacts founded around the area and some basic information about the history.

There are a numerous Balbals spread around the area, stoned carved steales believed used to be gravestones of Turks when they roamed through Central Asia centuries ago. Some of the Balbals is believed to be just as old as the minaret.

Burana Tower,Kyrgystan,central asia,silk road,balbals
The big group of balbals.
One of the many balbals
One of the many balbals
Burana Tower,Kyrgystan,central asia,silk road
A bald and friendly looking balbals.

Burana Tower,Kyrgystan,central asia,silk road

How To Get To The Burana Tower.

First, you have to get to the small town of Tokmok around 74km/43miles away, to the east of Bishkek. Take a Bus or Marshrutka No. 353 (minibus) from the East Bus station in Bishkek, which´s heading to Tokmok or to Issyk-Köl. There´s no timetable, the bus/minibus will leave when full.
The price is around 300som (4usd) and takes around 1 hour.

When you reach Tokmok, get off the bus/minibus across the gas station.
And approach any taxi driver. They will know where you want to go.
The Burana Tower is around 14km/9miles away, on the south of Tokmok.

A taxi return trip with the taxi and waiting will cost around 200 – 300som (4usd), depending on your Russian skills:) Be sure to tell the taxi driver to wait for you.
If not you will have to walk for about 40min to reach the main road where you can either have to hitchhike or wave down a taxi/minibus that´s heading back to Tokmok.

Opening Hours: 9 AM -17.00.
Entrance Fees: 150 Som (2usd) including access to climb to the top of the tower and to the small museum.

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