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What´s The Best Local Beer To Drink In Algeria

You probably don´t expect much when it comes to Alcohol and beer from Algeria. The largest country in Africa does have it´s fair share of brewery and vineyards. Probably more than you would expect.

Algeria has always played an essential role in the history of wine and during the Roman Empire was wine from Algeria considered to be one of the best.

Tango is the most common Algeria beer

There´s nothing like a cold beer when in the Algerian desert.

But this is a post about beer and not wine. Still, it makes you understand that in Algeria with a population of almost 44million and 99% of the population are Muslims.

So do Algeria have a large Alcohol industry even tho the rules here are pretty strict, you can´t just go to a supermarket to buy alcohol in Algeria.

You either have to go to a high-end hotel or to a bar which is not easy to find in Algeria, so if you want a cold drink head to one of the many international hotels, they always have a well-stocked bar and accept walk-in guests.

There´s never a sign, and they are often behind a big black metal door that you will have to knock to get in.

There are also beers from other African countries for sale, plus European beer like Heiniken and Amstel and even “33 Export” from Vietnam are sold in the bars in Algeria. But this is the four local Algeria beers you can get while in the largest country in Africa.

Four Algeria beer to try while in the largest country in Africa.

Tango Biere Blonde.
Style: Pale Lager 4,8%
Brewed by: S.A.R.L. Tango owned by Heiniken.
The most common and popular beer in Algeria.
Pours golden with a small white head a typical light lager. Very refreshing when it’s hot outside.
Aroma: 4/10.
Appearance: 5/10.
Taste: 5/10.
Overall: 5/10.

Tango the most popular beer in Algeria

The typical Algeria Beer, Tango which is pretty good and refreshing.

Tango Samba.
Style: Pale Lager 4,2%
Brewed by: S.A.R.L. Tango owned by Heiniken.
Very similar to the original Tango Biere Blonde. But with a smaller head and a bit less alcohol %, no difference in taste.

the two most common beers in Algeria

Samba and Tango are the two most typical beers in Algeria.

Albraü Bière Blonde.
Style: Pale Lager 4,6%
Brewed by: Brasserie Star D’Algerie
Only served in small 25cl bottles.y
Pours yellow coloured, with a large white soapy head taste a bit malty with a bitter after taste, not my favourite.
Aroma: 3/10.
Appearance: 4/10.
Taste: 3/10.
Overall: 3/10.

Albraü Bière Blonde another locally made Algeria beer

The smallest of the locally made Algeria beers.

Style: Pale Lager 4,5%
Brewed by: S.N.B. (Castel Algérie)
Pours a small white head with a golden colour, a sweet and grainy taste of sweet malt and a bit of hop.
Aroma: 3/10.
Appearance: 2/10.
Taste: 3/10.
Overall: 2/10.

Beaufort a local Algeria beer

One of the few local made Algeria beer.

As you can see so are the beer options in Algeria, not the best, but alcohol is more accessible assessable in Algeria than you would expect, but it also depends on which part of this vast country you are visiting.

It´s easier to find alcohol in Oran, which is the most liberal city in Algeria compared to etc., Constantine where the only place I could find any alcohol was in the bar in my hotel.
Which was also the only option when I travelled south into the Sahara desert at the oasis at Taghit so did my hotel serve ice-cold beer, which was a lifesaver since there +43 degrees outside.

And even in the fantastic capital Algiers was it hard to find local bars since none of them has a sign outside and is often hidden away and very difficult to find.