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24 Hours In Belgrade The Capital Of Serbia

Belgrade is the stunning capital city of Serbia and a must-visit European travel destination.

Most people venture to Europe and are eager to visit famous places like Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome, however, these places can get quite busy, and the authenticity of them is lessened.

A trip to Belgrade will show you an authentic and real side to European that is relatively untouched by tourism.

Not only is Belgrade less busy than other cities in Europe, but it is also just as beautiful and full of stunning attractions and historic sites. Belgrade is a cultural hotspot that has a long history and a tumultuous past.

Top things to do in Belgrade during 24 hours, the capital of Serbia in eastern Europe

Top things to do in Belgrade for 24 hours, the capital of Serbia in Eastern Europe

However, despite its past, it has truly come up from the ashes and is a new and vivacious city. This is a city like no other that will have you charmed from start to finish.
Plus, it is one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe which makes visiting on a budget very easy!

With just one day to spend in Belgrade, you can see a ton of the city and get a good idea of the top attractions. After one day, you will surely be eager for more time to explore, but with this one-day itinerary, you can see and do a lot.

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What To Do In Belgrade for a day.


Explore Skadarlija Street

Skadarlija Street is one of Belgrade’s most beautiful streets. It is a vintage street located in Belgrade’s bohemian quarter.

Here you will find rows of aesthetic shops and the cutest cafes all waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

It is the perfect place to go right in the morning for breakfast in a stunning atmosphere, where you can find restaurants serving all types of dishes.

It is also a good place to grab a coffee and morning pastry to go if you are not a huge breakfast person.

The flower-filled streets and colourful buildings are pretty surprising and stand out from the rest of the city.

This makes it one of Belgrade’s most unexpected places to visit and a must-see with only one day in Belgrade.

Walk along Knez Mihailova Street

Knez Mihailova Street is the most famous and frequented street in Belgrade. It is the main street for shopping and cafe hopping and wonderful to walk and explore.

It is also one of the oldest and most valuable landmarks of the city and protected by law.

Spending some time in the morning to walk the street to check out the local shops, see the street performers, and admire the architecture is the perfect way to begin the day.

Walk Around Republic Square

republic square in Belgrade

Republic square

Republic Square is located right off Knez Mihailova Street. It is home to some of Belgrade’s most famous buildings like the National Theater and National Museum.

The square is the perfect place to walk around to see some of the city´s most prized buildings in a buzzing and vibrant atmosphere. What’s also nice is that there are some restaurants right beside it with outdoor patio seating so you can sit and enjoy a cold drink and a meal while watching this square.

Go to Belgrade’s Military Museum

Belgrade war musuem

Exhibition in the War Museum

Located just outside the infamous Belgrade fortress is Belgrade’s Military Museum. This museum is home to old military equipment that dates back to medieval times.

It is the perfect place to venture inside and explore before exploring the Fortress. If you are visiting Belgrade with a family or have a keen interest in history, this is the perfect place to spend an hour or two explorings.


Explore the Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade fortress

The fortress in the city

The Belgrade Fortress is one of Belgrade’s most magical attractions.

The fortress is in amazing condition and is made up of white stones encompassing a huge area of land.

This fortress defended Belgrade for over 2000 years and is now one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

People from all over the world visit here to see this stunning fortress. It is also one of the reasons it ranks as one of the top Balkan travel destinations.

Eat Sweets from Mandarina Cake Shop

No travels are complete without eating some of the local delicacies, one of which is Belgrade are mini cakes!

The best you can find in the whole city are sold in Mandarina Cake Shop and come in a wide variety of flavours and designs.

With one day in Belgrade, a visit here to relax and take a moment after a day full of walking around and exploring is a welcome rest.

Belgrade cakes

Mini Cakes

Admire The Church of St. Sava

church of saint sava in Belgrade the capital in Serbia

church of saint sava

The Church of St. Sava is one of Belgrade’s most iconic buildings.

This towering church is the largest church in all of the Balkan countries and even one of the largest in the world.

It is incredibly huge and made up of some stunning architectural work.

The church itself is a Serbian Orthodox church, as this is the religion most practised in this region.

It is amazing to visit this church and walk around its huge exterior. The entire structure is white with blue domes and is stunning.

It is one of the most photographed places in Serbia and you will surely see why. Visitors are also permitted to enter the church, however, if you want to enter you must be dressed modestly with your shoulders and knees covered.


Dinner on Knez Mihailova Street

After a full day of exploring it is time to go back to Knez Mihailova Street for dinner amongst the bustling street.

There are restaurants all along the street that serve a variety of cuisines.

The best place to head to is one that serves authentic Serbian dishes like cevapcici or sarma to enjoy the wonderful tastes of this country.

Once you find a place to eat you can sit on the outdoor patio seats and enjoy the tourists and locals as they walkabout.

It is like watching a show as you sit and eat while the people mulling about.

Evening in Kalemegdan Park

Kalemegdan Park is the famous, vast park located inside the Belgrade Fortress.

The green space is always full of people in the summer months soaking up the evening sun and relaxing after dinner. It is the perfect place to go in the evening – either before or after dinner – for a place to sit and relax in. It is also common for people to bring drinks and snacks to enjoy while here.

Sunset at Belgrade Fortress

The best sunset point in the city is, without doubt, the Belgrade Fortress. Although you got to explore the grounds earlier in this one day in Belgrade itinerary, a visit back in the evening is a must.

From the edge of the fortress, you can watch the sun as it descends into the horizon in a magical explosion of reds, pinks and oranges.

This is such a popular spot to watch the sunset that nearing the hour of sunset the back wall becomes pack with people! With this in mind, it is important to arrive here early to ensure you get a good spot to sit and enjoy the show from.

Belgrade travel tips

Belgrade is a very unique city in Europe. It still has that rural charm, unlike most European cities.

You can still smoke indoors in Belgrade, taxis make up the price in their heads, and seatbelts are not common. This makes for some pretty interesting and unique travel experiences! Some tips for travelling to Belgrade are:

The spoken language in Serbia is Serbian

You will most likely get overcharged for taxi and other services if you don’t speak the language

Serbians are very friendly and kind people – they will always be hospitable

You can find extremely cheap accommodation in Belgrade.

The prices here are very low and you can stay in a very nice place with a low price tag.

Food and drinks are also very cheap! You may find yourself overindulging based on the prices.

When to visit Belgrade

Although Belgrade is located in a Southern European location this does not mean warm weather and sun year-round.

In fact, it is quite surprising to hear that Belgrade actually has very harsh and cold winters, making it not the best place to visit in the winter months.

Therefore, the best time to visit Belgrade is from May – September.

During these months the weather is warm and the streets are alive with people, performers, and live shows and events. Just note that in the middle of summer – July and August – Belgrade is extremely hot! So be sure to pack clothing for this and sun protection.

With just one day in Belgrade, you are sure to have a packed itinerary.

Not only does this itinerary cover the best of Belgrade but also shares with you some secret tips and best things to do that you will greatly appreciate.

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