India Travel Guide

India  is an extremely diverse country, with vast differences in geography, climate, culture, language and ethnicity across its expanse, famous by tourist for being a hassle to travel trough by tourist because of the begging, the dirtiness, and the corruptions.

Taj Mahal the most overrated sight in the world. #India , #Taj_Mahal , #overrated
You are never alone when visiting Taj Mahal, the most overrated sight in the world!

Important Travel Facts About India

  • Most countries can get E-Tourist Visa (30 days) online these days if you need longer visa apply at Embassy.
  • 230V/50Hz, European power plugs in Touristy and never areas, still old British plugs in rural areas.
  • ATM´S Available “everywhere” in tourist city´s, very limited in rural areas.
  • Wifi available in the touristy area, not in rural areas, buying a local sim card with the internet is very helpful.
  • Daily Budget: Low – 10Usd. Middle -15Usd. High – 25+Usd. Rural areas can be a lot more expensive than touristy places.

Fast Facts about India

  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Language: Officially English is spoken by most, but NON speak it in the rural areas
  • Currency: Indian Rupee (र, INR)  is around 100INDR to 1.5USD and 100INDR to 1,4 Euro

Travel Tips About India

I eat everything in India, I eat salad I eat street food I eat meat, I have ice in my drinks I do everything opposite doctors and every other expert tells you, and I have NEVER EVER been sick in India.

  • Bing earplugs and be prepared for noise.
  • ALWAYS Haggle.
  • Stay well hydrated it will help you with not getting sick.
  • A Coca-Cola a day help, it kills the bacterias in your body and you gain some sugar after sweating a whole day
  • Don’t brush your teeth with tap water. As annoying as it may seem, I advise you to only brush your teeth with bottled water. This is because your gums can be a direct path to the bloodstream and, therefore, easier for infection to get in.
  • Bottled water is not always bottled water even if it says so!! Try to buy from reliable places like grocery stores or hotels.
  • When a local person offers you a gift or a tuk-tuk driver says it´s free, IT´S NEVER A FREE GIFT in India it´s ALWAYS a thought behind it.
  • Learn to avoid fake information/travel offices. They tell you that all trains or hotels are fully booked due to some event or internet problem.
  • Be careful when exchanging money.
  • Don´t take notes from shops that´s falling apart, they can be a pain to get ride off.

When to Visit

  • Best weather: November – March.
  • Low season (cheaper) October and April.

Food to Try

  • Samosas
  • Biryani
  • Curries
  • Tandoori grilled meat
  • Lassi

Table Manners

  • You may eat with your hand but use right hand only.
  • Don´t touch others persons food.
  • Don´t refuse food or tea, but you don´t have to eat it all.

Top Things to Do in India


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