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Innerdalen The Most Beautiful Valley in Norway

Innerdalen The Most Beautiful Valley in Norway

Innerdalen The Most Beautiful Valley in Norway, the old Renndølsetra from 1740 with the mountain which is called Innerdalstårnet overlooking the valley

Innerdalen which is located in the central part of Norway is one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the whole of Europe and a place easy to reach as a day trip from Trondheim the 4th largest city in Norway.


Finally, some sunny weather, but of course when I left the valley.

But this beautiful Valley remains unknown even to most local Norwegians outside this part of central Norway.

Innerdalen was established as Norway’s first nature reserve back in 1967.

Overlooking the Valley is a majestic pyramid-shaped mountain which is called Innerdalstårnet (meaning the inland tower) 1,452-metre (4,764 ft) tall witch overlooks the southern side of the Valley.

Innerdalstårnet in innerdalen in norway

A few goats are having a rest in front of Innerdalstårnet.

Innerdalstårnet in innerdalen in norway

Innerdalstårnet in innerdalen in norway

Renndølsetra an old farm in the area which is considered to be a Norwegian cultural heritage site. The farm has since 1950 been hosting travellers going through this part of Norway, but the history of the farm goes back much longer, all the way back to the year 1740 and it has been own by the same family ever since.

But these Renndølsetra have been converted into a mountain lodge with sleeping space up to 25 people, but you can also set up your tent or sleeping you hammock here, on a campsite that the Guardian named one of the 20 best campsites in Europe in 2019.

If Renndølsetra is full, so are there another hut and campsite which is operated by DNT (Norwegian trekking association) only about 500 meters further into the valley. This hut also has a cafe on-site and free Wifi, there almost no phone signal at Renndølsetra.

Innerdalen camping

Cows are walking around the campsite at innerdalen.

innderdalen camping

The campsite is right next to the river, with innlandstårnet overlooking the campsite.


Overlooking Renndølsetra.

Renndølsetra in innerdalen Norway

Renndølsetra with innlandstårnet in the background

All around the farm are still cows, pigs, goats, chicken and sheeps kept here, all walking around freely like they have been doing here for soon 300 hundred years. I woke up with four cows next to my tent in the morning here.

There´s also a “milk house” which still milk, butter, yoghurt and cheese are made in a traditional Norwegian way, the guest is free to taste, and you can even buy some and bring home if you want to.
During the summer season, there´s a small on-site cafe here selling coffee, waffles, cake and soda and the homemade diaries to visitors which comes here.


Renndølsetra, the large building in the middle is the cafe.




Fishing nets still being used in the lake and rivers to catch trout.


If it´s raining outside so can you have a rest here

Innerdalen is a popular destination for rock climbers which want to challenge innerdalstårnet, avid hikers, the valley and surrounding mountains have more than 100km of marked hiking trails, so you will be sure to find a hike either if your beginner or an expert hiker.

Hiking to the top of Innerdalstårnet is a 5km long trail, considered to be an expert hike.

The river that flows through the Valley and the seven lakes located here is also a popular fishing destination for trout fishing.


one of the fishing lakes in innerdalen around 500meters from Renndølsetra,

But most people visiting Innerdalen these days are families with young kids walking the 4km distance from the parking lot into Renndølsetra, the trail is along a dusty car road, but don´t underestimate the short walk here, it´s steep and almost uphill the whole way.

walk to innerdalen

The gate for animals on the way into innerdalen.


A small waterfall on the way.

How to get to Innerdalen.

Innerdalen is located in Møre & Romsdal county in western Norway.
The easiest way to visit the valley is if you are planning to drive from Trondheim towards the famous Atlantic Ocean road which is located 120km west of Innerdalen.

Drive along the RV70 (between Kristiansund (the start of the Atlantic Ocean road and Sunndal, about 16 km from Sunndal), take off on the north side of the road at Ålvundeid and follow the asphalt road into the small parking lot at Nerdalen (approximately 10 km). The way is well marked. 

Travel guide to Innerdalen one of the most stunning valleys in Norway

Travel guide to Innerdalen in Norway.