Kiev, Europe´s cheapest capital.

The mothermoterland statue in Kiev, Ukraine. #ukraine,#kiev

Ukraine and Kiev have gotten a lot of bad attention in the newspapers the last few years because of the conflict in eastern Ukraine but, since I don´t believe in the media so did I decided to just book a flight to Kiev and see how the city was holding up these days.

Yes, I know Kiev is far from the conflict zone, but the western media is portraying the conflict like it’s on Kiev´s doorstep.

ukraine,Kyiv,Київ,eastern europe
Its gone be cold in Kiev

This was my second visit to Ukraine, the first time was before the conflict started.
The first thing I noticed when I arrive in Kiev this time, is how cheap the city have become, Kiev is now on the level with countries like Thailand and southeast Asia, hotels starts at 4usd, a meal in a local restaurant is 2usd, a coffee is 1usd.

kiev,ukraine,Kyiv,Київ,eastern europe,kiev metro
Kiev metro.

I do like Kiev, the city center is compact enough so you can walk around and visit everything by foot, and the city is well-connected trough the metro.
So it’s easy and fast to get around if you don´t feel to walk to much especially when it’s too cold.
And best of all the metro is ridiculously cheap, a ticket is no more than 4hryvna (0.18USD).

ukraine,Kyiv,Київ,eastern europe
Overlooking Kiev, from the mother motherland park.

Most of the sights in Kiev are churches, cathedrals, and museums and since I’m not a fan of museums and I’m not gone spend my time checking out religious buildings (they all look the same to me anyway).

Overlooking Kiev, from the mother motherland park.

kiev,ukraine,Kyiv,Київ,eastern europe,kiev sqaure
Main Kiev Square where the protests happened a few years ago.
,ukraine,Kyiv,Київ,eastern europe,kiev sqaure,kiev church
Supposedly a famous church.

But if you’re not into religious building or museums like me, then visit Slavutych Shato Brewery a local brewery just a few minutes walk from the main square.
They don´t only make some great beers, but they do also make great homemade sausage
Slavutych Shato Brewery

SORRY for the photos in this post, I only had my mobile phone with me on this trip.

Additional information about Kiev.


There’s ATM´S “everywhere” that accept western bank cards

Always carry small change in Ukraine,  most places don´t have change for the bigger notes.

Where to sleep

Like I said earlier so is the hostels in Kiev dirt cheap, the quality is not up to western hostel standard, but they are still good, and most of the has a guest kitchen so you can cook your own food.

Kiev Central Station Hostel. 10min UPHILL from the train station.  Dorms from 8,5usd
Small and cozy hostel with friendly and helpful staff, located close to train station, big supermarket and some of the most famous bars in the city.

Dream House Hostel. Very central dorms from 10usd
The biggest hostel in Kiev, with an on-site Cafe that has great food.

City Central Hostel. Very central dorms from 3usd!
The Hostel is located literally in the center, friendly stuff, but the rooms are tiny and dirty

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Discover Kiev, the cheapest city in Europe. #Kiev,#Ukraine,#Europe,#travel,#cheap

    1. Kiev is just as safe as any other city in Europe these days, and since its the cheapest city is it also a perfect place to support the locals:)

      Just remember to bring warm cloths.

    1. Kiev it’s a bit of the tourist radar but it’s surprisingly touristy, seems like its the main getaway destination for people in eastern europe these days to go for shopping

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