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What´s The Best Local Beer To Drink In Palau

The small island nation of Palau in the south pacific ocean only has one local brewery the Red Roaster Brewery located in Malakal.

Palau is for sure one of the easiest countries in the world to try all the local beers in.

Palu beer

During my visit to Palau was only 3 of the beers on one cider on cans. Black = Stout. Red = Amber. Green = Cider, White = Light. The tropical ale and wheat beer were only available on draft.

Currently, Red Roaster beer has five locally made beer for sale: Amber, Light, Stout, Wheat and a Tropical Ale, plus a cider for sale.

Nb. The Red Roaster Brewery often releases a seasonal beer once a year, but during my visit yo Palau there was no seasonal beer available.

Red Roaster Cafe in Palau

The red roaster cafe

While most of the local supermarkets in Palau do either sell the Amber, Light, Stout or the Cider on cans.

But you will have to visit either the Red Roaster Cafe located inside the West Plaza Hotel at Lebuu Street or the Canoe House (Best Pizza in town) in Koror which have most of the locally produced beers in Palau on tap if you want to try the rest of the selection.

Other beers for sale in Palau are mainly imported beers from the USA like Budweiser, Bud Light, and Blue Moon, or from Japan, like Asha Pacific Blue and Asahi Dry Black.

The cheapest beer for sale in Palau are Dester from South Korea which costs only 0.50USD a can.

Palau beers to try.

Red Roaster Stout.

Style: Stout, 5%.
Sold both on cans (black) and draft.
Strong coffee notes with a hint of chocolate, with a smoke touch with a medium head, not too heavy, an easy stout to drink.
I’m in general, not a stout fan, but this one was easy to drink and enjoyable.

Aroma: 5/10.
Appearance: 5/10.
Taste: 5/10.
Overall: 5/10.

Palau red roaster stout beer, palau beer

The red roaster stout

Red Rooster Wheat Ale.

Style: Wheat Ale, 5%.
Only available on tap. It pours a pale and clear yellow gold with a thin white head. One of my favourite beers to drink in Palau, very refreshing to drink when it´s 30+ outside and extremely humid.

Aroma: 7/10.
Appearance: 6/10.
Taste: 8/10.
Overall: 8/10.

Palau red roaster wheat beer

Palau red roaster wheat beer my favourite Palau Beer

Red Roaster Light Blonde Ale.

Blond Ale 5%
Available on both tap and cans (White)

Tap beer with a small yellow head, a sweetish aroma with notes of flowers, malt and detergent. The flavour is sweet and mildly bitter with notes of detergent a tinny, harsh bitterness. An easy beer to drink but not my favourite, draft and can taste differently.

Aroma: 5/10.
Appearance: 5/10.
Taste: 4/10.
Overall: 5/10.

Palau red roaster light ale beer

The Red Roaster Light Ale, a refreshing Palau beer

Red Rooster Amber Ale.

Red Ale 5%
Sold on both tap and cans (Red)

Pours a red-brown with a medium head. Little to no lace down the glass. Smells of malts, citrus and biscuits.
The Amber ale taste is almost a red IPA flavour Aroma of citrus hops, caramel mal

Aroma: 7/10.
Appearance: 8/10.
Taste: 7/10.
Overall: 7/10.


Red Rooster Amber Ale an easy drinkable Palau beer

Red Rooster Tropical Ale.

Pale Ale 5,4%
It is sold only on Tap.

Clear Amber with a white head. Fruity, light citrus, some sweetness. The finish has a faint bite but is mostly a fruity amber light on the hops.
A good and refreshing beer to drink in the tropical climate in Palau and my second favourite beer in Palau after the Wheat Ale.

Aroma: 6/10.
Appearance: 7/10.
Taste: 7/10.
Overall: 7/10.

Red Rooster Tropical Ale

The Red Rooster Tropical Ale, one of the best Palau beer

Red Rooster Cider.

Cider 6,5%
Sold only in cans (Green)

The strongest locally produced beverage in Palau. A Quite fizzy cider. Green apple, light apple skin, sulfur. Dry and tart. The sulfur comes off a bit harsh but overall this is a pretty solid cider.

While I’m in General, not a cider drinker, so is this one pretty good and I have to admit I had a few of it, even when there were other beers available.

Aroma: 5/10.
Appearance: 5/10.
Taste: 6/10.
Overall: 5/10.

Red Rooster Cider in Palau

Red Rooster Cider, the only Cider for sale in Palau.


Best Palau beer to try in Palau

All the local beers you can try in Palau, the small nation in the south Pacific ocean. Best Palau beer