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Discover Vladivostok: 14 Best Things to Do During Your Visit

Vladivostok travel guide

Panoramic view over the largest city in northeast Russia.

The city of Vladivostok in Russia is not exactly what you would call a famous tourist city. With a name that means “Ruler of the East,” you can find the city in the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia.

Locals mostly know Vladivostok as a naval base, and it serves as Russia’s largest commercial port on the Pacific coast.

Although it is not the first thing you think of when travelling, this city has a lot of activities and more that you can do while you’re there.
If you want to visit somewhere new and that people likely have never been before, then consider going out and discovering the beauty of Vladivostok.

Here are 14 of the best things you can do during your trip to the enchanting city of Vladivostok, Russia.
If you are already in eastern Russia and Siberia, so are one of the best places to visit Lake Baikal.

Top Things To Do In Vladivostok

Visit the Vladivostok Fortress.

Since Vladivostok is the home of the Russian Pacific Fleet, it makes sense that you can observe a mighty naval fortress while you’re there.

When you’re in the city, you can visit one of the most potent naval strongholds in the world, which is the ​Vladivostok Fortress​.

For any history or military science lovers, visiting the Vladivostok Fortress is something you’d want to see. Consider taking a guided tour around this fortress for more information if you want an in-depth look into the fortress’s history.

Witness breathtaking views at the Eagle’s Nest.

If you have a limited time to spend in Vladivostok, you should make a stop by the ​Eagle’s Nest Hill​ to get the best view of the city. You can get a majestic view of the city skyline as well as the Golden Horn Bay.

You can go to the Eagle’s Nest at any time, but it is truly best when the sun is setting.

Behold the wonder bridges of Vladivostok.

Zolotoy Bridge in vladivostok

Zolotoy Bridge

While you’re travelling all around the city, you should take the time to admire Vladivostok’s bridges.

Back in the day, Vladivostok took a longer time to get to Russky Island, across Zolotoy Rog Bay and Amur Bay. With the help of their bridges, though, it’s easier to access other aspects of the city.

Come to Tokarevsky Lighthouse.

Tokarevsky Lighthouse in Vladivostok

Tokarevsky Lighthouse

Local and foreign tourists alike should make a stop by the ​Tokarevsky Lighthouse​, where the land stops and the Pacific Ocean starts.

The lighthouse stands on a human-made island, and you can walk to it through the spit when it’s low tide. During the winter season, you can see from the Tokarevsky spit some spotted seals swimming in the waters.

Make sure to leave enough space between you and the seals while observing them, though

See local art Zarya Centre for Contemporary Art.

If you’re a fan of contemporary art, you should consider stopping by the ​Zarya Centre for Contemporary Art​.

Even if you’re no artist, you can still enjoy interacting with the many exhibitions in it. Aside from the exhibits, you can also find a reading room inside. You can also have a relaxing time at the small coffee shop while you’re there.

Shop in one of the oldest Russian style shopping centres.

Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin GUM in Vladivostok

Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin also known as just GUM.

One of Vladivostok’s more popular spots would be the Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin or ​GUM​, the oldest soviet-style shopping centre in Vladivostok.

Nowadays, you can find a courtyard around the same area where you can find a variety of shops and restaurants that sells Russian souvenirs and more.

Relive the heroic past inside the S-56 submarine.

Another part of Vladivostok’s naval history that you can observe is the C-56 or S-56 submarine.
It is situated in the Naval Memorial Museum. The ​S-56 submarine​ is famous for being the most efficient submarine during World War II in terms of its torpedo usage.

One story surrounding this submarine is that many times people thought and declared the submarine as dead 19 times. Despite this, the S-56 managed to come back every time.

Go on a hiking tour at Cape Tobizin.

Cape Tobizin outside Vladivostok in far east Russia

Cape Tobizin

Cape Tobizin​ is a fantastic spot in the Russky Island in Vladivostok. The main selling point of Cape Tobizin would be its incredible rock formations.

According to scientists, the rock formations in Cape Tobizin are because it used to be an ocean floor. Volcanic activity caused this particular area to become land.

The rock formations at Cape Tobizin are new structures worth hiking to, but you have to be careful. If you want to be extra safe, make sure that you bring ​hiking poles​ with you.

The hike to get to Cape Tobizin isn’t too long. It’s around five kilometres or about three miles, which means that it won’t take you more than two hours.

You can go on a hiking tour to get to Cape Tobizin. Once you’re there, you can relax, drink some tea, and enjoy the view before going back.

Explore underground Vladivostok.

A riveting “attraction” that you might want to try in Vladivostok would be its underground tunnels. It spans the entire city and is connected to the Vladivostok Fortress.

The underground Vladivostok contains and functions as a catacomb, drainage, bomb shelter, and so on. You can go on a tour underground by joining the Vladivostok Digger Club.

Discover the secrets of Millionka.

Another curiosity in the city of Vladivostok is a neighbourhood with blocks of distinct red-brick buildings. This area is the Millionka neighbourhood, a place used to have gambling houses, opium dens, brothels, and more that were run by Chinese gangs back in the day.

This unique and gritty history of ​Millionka​ has made it a budding home for an alternative and urban culture that attracts plenty of artists.

If you want to get a breathtaking view of Vladivostok’s urban history, Millionka is worth the visit.

Admire marvellous exotic plants at the Botanical Garden.
botanical garden vladivostok

Plant lovers all over the world will always love going to gardens. If you’re the same, you should stop by the Botanical Garden.

The Vladivostok Botanical Garden is the best place to admire exotic plants. You can admire the garden using your sense of sight and your sense of smell, given the variety of plants inside.

Walk along the embankments.

One of the best ways to spend some time with your family in the city and lose yourself in the
crowds would be through the Vladivostok ​seafront embankments​.
The dams around the city are the best places to enjoy a walk. You can admire the view, maybe stop by a cafe, and enjoy people watching.

Ride on the Funicular.

In admiration of the cable cars in San Francisco, Vladivostok created its version ‒ The Funicular.

Despite the short ride on the funicular, which only takes less than two minutes, the view over the Golden Horn Bay is worth the less than two-minute ride.

Experience a Russian steam bath

If you want to have a spa day while in Vladivostok, you should stop by a ​Banya​, also known as the Russian version of a sauna.

It’s an old Russian tradition that people still do to this day. The steam bath will help improve your circulation and will help you relax.

Plan a Visit to Vladivostok!

Vladivostok might not be the first thing on your list of places to travel to or maybe not even this part of Russia. Still, it is an experience that you won’t have anywhere else.

If you’re tired of going to famous tourist spots around the world and want to try something new and unique, this part of Russia has uniqueness in spades.
Next time you’re planning your next trip, consider scheduling a visit to Vladivostok if you are in Russia!

Top things to do in Vladivostok in far east Russia

top 14 things to do in Vladivostok in Russia


Monday 5th of April 2021

It is a strange (to me) mix of Russian and oriental architecture and culture. The people are friendly and hospitable. I enjoyed my visit and would recommend at least 3 weeks to see all the sights in the city itself and the nearby area.