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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Comoros

If you wish to disappear off the face of the earth and cradle in a blue-green gem of land, Comoros awaits you.

A place so pristine and untouched, you’d wonder if it’s for real.

Flanked by therapeutic toe-tickling white beaches, emerald green rainforests, and turquoise blue waters, Comoros is not your typical travel destination.

Sunset from the Le Coraya Resturant, a great place for sunset in Moroni comoros
Sunset from the Le Coraya Resturant, a great place for sunset in Moroni with the Comoros flag

So, if you’re looking to explore an off-the-beat path, Comoros can be your perfect destination.

Although the beaches alone are reason enough to pay a visit to this wonderland.

Top reasons why you should visit the Comoros Islands.

1. Whale Wathing and paradise beaches in Moheli

Moheli beach Comoros Africa
A beautiful beach in Moheli

Moheli- the smallest and probably the most fascinating island among the three islands in Comoros, is not your typical beach destination. Devoid of any mainstream amenities or beach activities this is a relaxing spot to unwind and slow down.

The beaches here are so gorgeous, people guiltlessly spend most of their well-curated Comoros holiday lounging on them.

Moheli beach Comoros
Great beaches in Moheli

But Moheli is one than just beautiful beaches, it´s also one of the best places in the world to swim and see humpback whales, the sparsely inhabited and enchantingly wild, Moheli houses the archipelago’s only national park- Parc Marin de Mohéli.

Moheli comoros africa
The crystal clear waters around Moheli

This is a place where you can watch sea turtles laying their eggs, snorkel and swim with the humpback whales and watch dolphins dancing with the waves. It´s one of the most pristine places in Africa.

Here you can read a complete travel guide about Whale Watching in Moheli

Moheli whale jumping
A jumping Humpback whale around Moheli
A jumping Humpback whale around Moheli
A jumping Humpback whale around Moheli
Comoros whale
Jumping Humpback Whale
Pristine waters around Moheli
moheli africa
Pristine Moheli

2. Streets and Sceneries of Fomboni

One of Comoros’ largest and major cities, Fomboni is a silent place located in the center of Mohéli island.

You can walk along the nameless main road that encircles the town and explore the markets and eateries flanking the street.

There’s also a quaint little jetty where you can watch the fishermen in action or just spend some time in solitude.
Nature lovers can visit Dziani Boundouni, a crater lake situated in the middle of the forests, through a day hike.

sunset comoros africa
Sunset in Moheli

Wandering around the neighboring town of Nioumachoua and interacting with the locals can also be a great leisure activity.

The locals in this city are slightly more reserved than their busy counterparts but all the more friendly and welcoming.

Locals getting ready for local boats in Comoros

3. Off-the-Beat Paths of Anjouan

Locally called Ndzouani, and nicknamed “The Pearl of Comoros” the unspoiled island of Anjouan is as remote as remote could get.

Comoros is called the “perfumed islands” because of the fragrant plants grown here that are used in the making of perfumes and essential oils.

The warm, heady scent of cloves and the fruity, flowery scents of ylang-ylang pervade the streets and woods of Anjouan.

You can wander through the old Arab plantations or head inland and saunter through the town of Mutsamudu.

Here you’ll find old 17th-century structures like ancient mosques and citadels built in Swahili-Shirazi style- complete with intricate doors and winding alleyways.

You can also hike up the jungle-clad Mount Ntingui and choose a vantage point to watch the mist roll over the emerald hills, spot colorful birds or just enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the archipelago.

From candy-colored sunsets to teal-colored waters, this tropical paradise of Anjouan seems to have jumped out of a fantasy novel.

4. Gorgeous Lake Lac Sale at Grande Comore

The largest of Comoros island, Grande Comore is also the most developed one.

With the right balance of natural untouched landscapes and advanced bustling cities, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the whole of Comoros.

 Lake Lac Sale comoros
Lake Lac Sale

If you’re an adventure lover in search of an adrenaline rush, we have the perfect suggestion for you. A hike to the bottomless, saltwater crater lake of Lac Salé situated near the northern coast.

For a panoramic view of the lake, climb the small hill behind and the breathtaking green and blue-hued water is sure to enthrall you. There are also some souvenirs sold here.

 Lake Lac Sale comoros
Lake Lac Sale

If you’re yearning for a pleasant drive, head south of Grande Comore for lovely countryside-filled scenery.

While the land on one side is covered in fruit-laden banana and coconut trees the other side is interspersed with vanilla and cassava plantations.

5. Active Volcano at Mount Karthala

Can anything be more exciting and thrilling than hiking up an active volcano?

Grande Comore’s southern part is dominated by Mount Karthala, an active volcano that last erupted in 2007.

Mount Karthala is Comoros’ highest point and also the world’s largest active volcano that towers 7,500 feet above Grande Comore. It is reachable after a challenging two-day trek.

The view from the top, which consists of layers of thick, harsh plains of black lava fringed by the distant blue hues of the ocean, is a sight for sore eyes.

Not only is the trek an enriching experience but the surrounding lush rainforests are a great site to spot some exotic birds!

6. Laid-Back Capital of Moroni

Located on Grande Comore Island, Moroni is the capital city of Comoros. Head here for a cultural mix of French, Arabic, and Swahili traditions.

The streets, structures, and the whole neighbourhood is swathed in a network of ancient buildings and narrow alleys.

It’s reminiscent of the ancient Swahili and Arabian period, complete with traditionally dressed men smoking shisha and sipping on fragrant teas.

The most famous landmark Comoros the Ancienne Mosquée de Vendredi (old Friday mosque. dating back to around 1427
The most famous landmark Comoros the Ancienne Mosquée de Vendredi (old Friday mosque. dating back to around 1427

Moroni’s major landmark is the two-storied, sparkling white, fifteenth century old, Friday Mosque.

Another prominent attraction is the Volo-Volo market whose streets are lined with quaint Middle Eastern-style cafes, spice stalls, and souvenir shops of local artisans.

Though the area bustles with activity, it’s never chaotic.

Volo-Volo market Moheli Comoros
Volo-Volo market Moheli

On one side you find wheelbarrows heaped in colourful attires and on the other side you find carts selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

This is also the best place to taste the local cuisines like chicken in coconut sauce, crunchy seafood, or stews made from freshly sourced vegetables.

Volo-Volo market Moheli
Volo-Volo market Moheli

7. Relax at the Pristine beaches on Grande Comore, the best beach in Africa.

Comoros and the Grande Comore is home to some of the very best beaches in all of Africa, and best of all there, are no other tourist around on the beaches here, the bad thing, they are hard to reach, so you will have to make full day-trip to visit most of them.

comoros beaches
Sunny weather in the Comoros

Probaly the best beach in the Comoros is the Mitsamiouli Beach which is located on the north west coast of the main island,

comoros beach
Mitsamiouli Beach beaches on Comoros without any tourist
Mitsamiouli Beach Comoros
Mitsamiouli Beach

Another great beach located on the north western coast is the long stretch of beach at L’île aux Tortues and Ndroudé.

stretch of beach comoros
L’île aux Tortues and Ndroudé.

But if you don’t want to travel too far from Moroni so can you either relax at the public Moroni beach which is popular both among locals and the few foreigners living in the Comoros.

The Moroni beach is a great place to go for sunset, but also one of the very few places where you can buy ber and alcohol at the beach resturant.

Moroni beach comoros
The Moroni beach
Moroni beach
Moroni beach and the beach restaurant one of very few places you can get Alcohol in Comoros

The last beach you should check out is the beach located at Golden Tulip Hotel Grande Comore (Previously known as the Itsandra hotel)

This is the best hotel in Comoros; it offers a spa, a great dinner buffet, the best beach and Snorkelling around Moroni.

Golden Tulip Comoros
The beach at the Golden Tulip hotel, a great place for snorkeling

If you want to go Scuba diving or Kayaking so is this the only place on Grand Comore. You are free to use the beach with the sunbeds or the swimming pool here as long as you buy drinks or food at the bar,

If you need WIFI is the best place to come and to enjoy a cold beer, a cold, imported Madagascar beer at the sundeck while watching a fantastic sunset.

8. Sea Cliffs of Iconi

A town next door to Moroni, Iconi is in equal doses a sleepy village with a rugged, rock-filled coastline and a bustling town with shops and stores.

On one side is the famed Iconi Mosque while on the other are the breathtaking mountain cliffs.

Once an important trading port, this ancient town still has its history intact in the form of forts, palaces, and old buildings with attractive wood carvings.

Two of its other attractions are the Old Palace and the tomb of Prince Said Ibrahim, both of which are under renovation.

Conclusion about Comoros

So, these were the 10 reasons why you should visit Comoros. Language barrier notwithstanding, Comorian people are ever-ready to jump to your aid during times of need.

Also called Mwali or Moili by the locals, this is a land stuck in the past where the untouched nature makes up for the lack of modern amenities.

From craggy islets to calm corners, it is the perfect place to satiate your wanderlust.

Comoros beach
Amazing Comoros

Tourism is yet to skyrocket on this Utopian Island. However, it won’t be long before this secret reveals itself to the world. So, pack your bags, book your flights and get going!

But it might take some planning since there are not many flights to this part of the world.

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Travel guide why the Comoros islands in East Africa should be your next travel destination, the small unknown country is home to some of the best beaches in the world