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Top Things To Do In Yerevan, The Capital Of Armenia.

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia and by far the biggest city in the country, has come a long way since my first visit there in 2013.

It’s now a great option for a long weekend trip together with Tbilisi, the capital of neighbouring Georgia from Central Europe since both destinations are only a few hours away from Europe.

I love Yerevan sign in Aremnia

Already when arriving at Zvartnots International Airport, you will notice that Armenia is making a good effort to welcome foreign tourists these days.

The immigration to enter into Armenia only takes a few seconds these days; there’s a beautiful woman standing at the exit handing out free maps over Yerevan and Armenia to all arriving tourists before exiting and going through costume.

One of the highlights on a trip to Armenia and Yerevan is the annual Vardavar Festival which is held every year, 14 weeks after Easter (exactly 98 days); Vardavar is celebrated in the whole country.

There’s even a new Airport Express Bus with free WIFI that will take you to the city centre for 300 Armenian Dram, that´s 0.6 USD. Not even 1 USD would probably make it become the world’s cheapest airport transportation.

Check out this post about 50 Things you need to know before travelling to Georgia if you’re planning to visit Georgia after Armenia.

Yerevan is small and compact, so all sites in the city can easily be visited in a day, either by foot or by using the metro. What’s more, there are endless opportunities for day trips and places to go in Armenia around the capital coz of Armenia’s small and compact size.

Unfortunately, during my visit to Yerevan in December I experienced miserable weather during my whole visit, so my photos are not the best in this post.

Here are The Top 7 Things To Do In Yerevan

There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Yerevan, Armenia. From stunning architecture to local tourist attractions, your days will be packed full of exciting trips. And while you’re in the area you can visit some other Armenian attractions. 

Yerevan Places to Visit – Republic Square 

The main Square in Yerevan, where you’ll find the singing fountains (only in summer), in front of the History Museum of Armenia.

The main square city square is a great example of Soviet architecture and one of the best Yerevan places to visit—a good location to meet friends or go for people watching. There’s free wifi here.

I Love Yerevan Sign in fornt of the History Museum of Armenia
I Love Yerevan Sign in front of the History Museum of Armenia at the Republic square
Republic Square.

Yerevan Sightseeing – Climb The Cascades

In the northern part of Yerevan is this outdoor/indoor art deco museum built as a version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, almost the height of the Empire State Building.

It’s a massive white stairway up to a hillside of the northern/central part of the city. From the top, you will get a full view over the whole city with Mount Ararat in the distance.

PS: You don’t need to walk up the cascades; there are escalators inside:)

The Yerevan Cascade, outdoor art gallery.
From the top of the cascade, the view would have been great with good weather.

Yerevan Attractions – Visit El Sky Bar

If you fancy a view with a drink, so is this bar the best place to go, it’s the highest located bar in Yerevan, It’s not cheap, but the view is great. Prices here are about double of local places located on the ground level around the city.

The view from El Sky Bar

Yerevan Tourist Places – Freedom Square

Wondering what to do in Yerevan? Freedom square, also called Opera square, from the Opera building being located here. This square is located at the northern end of the north avenue, which is the main shopping street in Yerevan.

The Opera was opened back in 1930 and can hold up to 2600 people in two different halls.

Yerevan Opera building.

Yerevan Travel Guide- Visit the Blue Mosque

The 18th century Shia Islamic Mosque, one of the extremely few surviving structures from Islamic culture during the Soviet era.

The mosque was forced to shut down in 1931 during the Soviet era. It was used as a Museum of the city of Yerevan during that time. It’s currently the only active Mosque in all of Armenia and a must-see on your trip to Yerevan.

The Blue Mosque, The only Mosque in Armenia.

Travel Yerevan – Visit A Church

Since Armenia was the first country in the world to become a Christian country, there is no surprise that churches are almost “everywhere” around Armenia, and so is Yerevan.

The St Gregory, the Illuminator Cathedral, is the biggest (maybe?) Cathedral in Yerevan, It’s not an old Church; it was only completed back in 2001 to celebrate the 1700th anniversary of Armenia as a Christian nation.

The holy relics of St Gregory the Armenian were given back to the Armenian Church by the Vatican in 2001 and placed in this cathedral. If you’re planning to do some Yerevan sightseeing, this spot is not to be missed. 

The St Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral.

Visit The Ararat Brandy Museum

Armenia’s biggest pride (except Christianity) is Brandy! The Yerevan Brandy Company was founded in 1887 and is said to have been Winston Churchill’s favourite liquor.

The Museum offers two hours tour about the history and the process of brewing, and in the end, you can try free samples of the exquisite Brandy.

PS: Show up at the door is not acceptable anymore; you need to prebook the tour through their website now.

The Brandy Museum in Yerevan unfortunately so didn’t I know that I had to book the ticket in advance.

Have A Drink At The First Craft Beer Brewery In Armenia

Like in “every” other country in the world, so are craft beer the big thing these days when it comes to drinking, and so ha Yerevan. And the place to go is Dargett Craft Beer, Armenia´s first local craft beer.

With more than 15 beers crafted on the spot and some Belgium imported craft beers, this place built like a beer heaven for every beer nerd like myself. Plus, the food here is also great.

The Bar at Dargett Craft Beer Brewery.

Take A Day Trip from Yerevan

Armenia is a small and compact country, so everywhere in the country can be visited on a day trip from Yerevan. Either with one of the numerous travel agencies around the city or your own with either public transportation or hiring your own car; all three options are very reasonably priced. Even on a low backpacker budget.

The easiest and shortest day trip you can do is to take local transportation to Khor Virap Monastery with the footsteps of Mount Ararat, the mountain where Noah’s Ark stranded, according to the bible.

Taking a day trip is a great way to tick off a couple of places on your Armenia travel guide.

Khor Virap Monastery in front of Mount Ararat, the mountain that Noha´s Ark is supposed to have been stranded.

Additional Information For Your Yerevan Trip

Travel to Yerevan – Getting to Yerevan from Zvartnots International Airport:

Bus 201 leaves from right outside the exit door on the ground level.

It departs every half hour between 7 AM and 22.00 and every hour between 22.30 to 7 AM.

It stops at Yeritasardakan Metro, and at the intersection between Abovyan and Sayat-Nova, at Republic Square, Amiryan Street, and on Mashtots Avenue (Pak Shuka).

The price is 300 Dram (0.6 USD). It’s recommended to have a small change.

P.S. There’s free wifi on the bus.

A prepaid taxi from the airport will cost you 3000 – 4000 Dram to the city centre.

Final Thoughts on Yerevan Places to Visit

Tick Yerevan, Armenia off your bucket list and explore everything this place has to offer. Take some time to adventure through this ancient city.

There are plenty of tourist attractions, restaurants and historic buildings for you to enjoy while you are in the area.

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travel guide with the best things to do in Yerevan the capital of Armenia
Everything You Need to know before going to Yerevan the capital of Armenia.

Hayk S

Sunday 6th of October 2019


Great article, thank you very much. I do have a quick question. Where can I get the high resolution image of the Opera Building? I would really appreciate it.

Thank you

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Monday 18th of December 2017

Great post! My partner got sick in Yerevan and we ended up having to stay a lot longer than we planned, 10 days in total. Honestly, it was a great city to get stuck in!

Did you make it to the old GUM Market? Watching the ladies make their lavash bread was a highlight for me.

Christian L.

Monday 18th of December 2017

Heey. During my first visit to Yerevan, did I spend about a week there, I really like the city, but December is not the best time to spend a lot of time there. I visited the Gum Market during my first visit there:) PS. I gone use your post about Tusheti In Georgia for reference when im heading back to Georgia for the 6th time next year:)


Monday 11th of December 2017

Boring city but around its wonderful