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Visiting Iraq | Travel Guide & Everything You Need to Know

Iraq, it’s not the most obvious tourist destination. But with the security situation improving all over the country, now is the time to visit one of the most historical countries in the world. 

Visiting Iraq is well worth the money spent as it has a favorable exchange rate for most western travelers.

With Iraq tourism on the rise, you won’t be alone in your exploration of this ancient country with an incredible history. 

One of the more pressing questions asked is: is Iraq safe for American tourists? The answer is yes for the most part, especially if you’re visiting famed tourist spots. Visit Iraq for an epic experience you won’t soon forget.

Al-Shaheed Monument in Baghdad iraq
Al-Shaheed Monument in Baghdad is a monument for the war against Iran

Planning to Visit Iraq? 

Iraq is considered to be the birthplace of many of the Earth’s oldest civilizations, including the Babylonians and the Assyrians.

Iraq is home to five UNESCO world heritage sites, and tens of thousands of archaeological sites are spread all over the country. 

Mosque of samarra iraq
Walking Towards The Great Mosque Of Samarra. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible during my visit—one of the five UNESCO world heritage sites in the country.

Saddam Hussein ruled the country with his iron fist for 24 years. This was right up until the illegal American-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

After 16 years of internal conflicts raging around the country,  the situation has improved. It is safe enough now for Iraq to welcome foreign tourists back.

But unfortunately, the visa process is full of bureaucracy and paper mills, making visiting Iraq rather a painful process.

But if you do manage to secure one of the most difficult tourist visas in the world, Iraq will surprise you in all but a positive way.

I always live with the idea that there are no dangerous countries. Yet there are dangerous places or dangerous times. Can you visit Iraq safely? Yes, you most certainly can.
You just need to be discerning about where you are and at what time.

Map of all the historical sites around Iraq.
Map of all the most important historical sites around the country.
So close but so far away, this is the closest you can get to the famous Swords of Baghdad. Can see the T-walls which surround the whole Green Zone.
So close but so far away, this is the closest you can get to the famous Swords of Baghdad. You Can see the T-walls which surround the whole Green Zone.

Complete Guide to Traveling to Iraq

This Iraq travel guide is for the Southern part of Iraq and NOT about the Kurdish autonomous region in the Northern part of the county. Because knowing how to travel to Iraq is very important.

the lyre of ur one of most important artificas inside the museum
The Lyre of Ur is one of the most important artifacts inside the National Museum in Baghdad.

All information in this guide is from when I traveled around Iraq and visited: BaghdadCtesiphonSamarra And The Great MosqueThe Ziggurat of Dur Kurigalzu – Karbala – Babylon – Kufa – Najaf – The Mesopotamian Marshes – Basra – Baghdad.

Things You Should Pack Before Going to Iraq 

No, you do not need to bring your bulletproof vest and helmet. But you can easily buy it in Baghdad if you want one.

Nothing special is needed for Iraq, but I would recommend bringing a few good books for the long drives around the country and soft foam earplugs for when you are going to sleep; there is a lot of noise in the streets.

Is Iraq Safe now?

Safety is still a huge concern in Iraq, and every western country is strongly against traveling to Southern Iraq. While the situation since April 2019 has been calm for more than a year, things can change very fast.

Your guide will know the daily security and situation of the part of the country you will visit.

I personally felt 100% safe the entire time during my visit here.

All of the local people, military, militia soldiers, and religious scholars were all extremely friendly and welcoming.

But it’s highly recommended that you register with your Embassy when you are going here, and you should have valid travel insurance, which should also include kidnapping insurance.

Big insurance companies like etc. World Nomads will NOT cover you here, but First Allied will.

From the Foreign & Commonwealth Website:

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to:

  • Anbar province
  • NinewaNinewah province
  • Salah-Al-Din province
  • Diyala province
  • Tamim (Kirkuk) province
  • in Erbil province, south of Road 80, and within 10km of the border with Nineveh province between Road 80 and Road 2

The FCO advises against all but essential travel to the rest of Iraq, including the remainder of the Kurdistan region.

The Iraqi Prime Minister announced the defeat of Daesh in Iraq on 9 December 2017. However, there is still a risk of terrorist attacks and kidnappings across the country. You should remain vigilant and monitor media reports. 

Be aware that Iraq, like any other place that has recently been a war zone, has minefields everywhere. Do not walk into fields, especially unmarked ones, unless you’re absolutely sure that it’s safe.

How to Get a Tourist VISA for Iraq

Can you travel to Iraq without a VISA? No, so knowing how to visit Iraq is very important. You will need a VISA to travel, and often visiting Iraq as an American can be quite troublesome, but it can be done – and is well worth it in the end.

*Update from 15 March 2021, now 30 countries can get the Iraq Visa on Arrival, without pre-arraignment. 

Countries that can get Visa on arrival for Iraq (VOA)

  • USA, UK, France, the Russian Federation, and the People’s Republic of China)
  • European Union countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands
  • As well as citizens of Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

But be aware that still if you get the visa, you will need a guide to visit all the historical sites around the country. All other countries still need to pre-arrange their visa for Iraq.

Obtaining a travel visa to Iraq is complicated and very time-consuming. You first have to apply at the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Baghdad; your local contact will have to do this for you.

When this application is approved, you will receive a letter so that you personally can then apply at an Iraq Embassy.  This will have to be in your country of residence.

Visa Restrictions:

  • Visas will be refused to citizens of Israel and travelers with proof of travel to Israel.
  • The whole process will take around 4-6months.

There are five types of visas for Iraq:

  • Visiting relatives: Only possible if you have family in Iraq; proof required.
  • Pilgrim visa: This is only possible when you are part of an organized religious pilgrim trip. Usually to places like Karbala, Najaf, Kufa, and Samara.
  • Business visa: Going for work purposes.
  • Press / Media visa: Every journalist requires this visa.
  • Tourist visa: The most difficult visa to obtain and the one I used. You can’t just apply for this visa. You need to apply for a group tourist visa which requires you to be a minimum of five people applying together. You also have to travel along with who you applied for the visa with. Update November 2019: ALL 5 people traveling together will now have to apply for the visa at the same Embassy. Even if you are from 5 different countries. Making the visa even more difficult to obtain.
My Iraqi Tourist Visa.
My Tourist Visa, one of the hardest tourist visas in the world to get

Even with the visa secured, are you required to have a Government licensed guide and driver at all times. You will also have to stay in Government licensed hotels for registration (This is very strict).

You can not legally do Couchsurfing or stay with local friends on a tourist visa. You will also need a permit for each place you want to visit outside Baghdad.

Every site, every city, a permit for each and every one. Gotta love the bureaucracy.

the ruins of the ancient city of Ctesiphon
The only remaining ruins of the ancient city of Ctesiphon-The last Persian capital.

Also, be aware if you do get the visa and you arrive in Iraq, will you have to leave Iraq the same way you arrived.

If you arrive at Baghdad airport, you will have to leave the country from Baghdad airport.

If you arrive overland from Kuwait, you will have to leave Iraq overland back to Kuwait.

It’s currently not possible for foreigners to travel overland from the Kurdish Autonomous Region in the north to southern Iraq.

While it’s possible to arrange an Iraqi tourist visa yourself, is it A LOT easier to go on a tour since you are required to have a guide anyway.

There are currently three western companies offering a trip to southern Iraq (Lupine Travel, Hinterland Travel, and Alwaseilah Tours), and I know one local contact. If you have 4 friends join you and want to arrange it yourself, send me an email, and I will give you the contact in Iraq who can arrange the visa or help you with arranging a tour or guide.

When you are booking the trip with either the local contact or the international travel companies, then transport, guide, and accommodation will be included, the price depends a bit on what and where you want to go, and what type of transport accommodation you require, but expect 150-250 USD a day.

Panoramic view over Baghdad from top of the Ferries Wheel.
Panoramic view over Baghdad from top of the Ferris Wheel in Baghdad zoo.

How to Travel to Iraq

Hello Baghdad Airport, formerly known as Saddam Airport
Hello Baghdad Airport, formerly known as Saddam International Airport. 

If you already have an Iraq visa, getting here is easy.

More and more airlines have flights to and from Iraq, and the national airline of Iraq, Iraqi Airways, has direct flights to all major and even some smaller cities in Europe.

There are currently 3 International Airports in Iraq + 2 in the Kurdish autonomous region in the Northern part of the country.

There is a new airport in Karbala currently being built. It is expected to be the country’s largest airport upon completion.

  • Baghdad International Airport (BGW), previously known as Saddam International Airport. 
  • Basra International Airport (BSR)
  • Najaf International Airport (NJF)

The easiest way from Europe and America to Iraq is either with Austrian Airlines, Emirates, Iraq Airways, Turkish Airlines & Qatar Airways.

Inside Baghdad Airport iraq
Inside Baghdad International Airport.
  • Star Alliance Alliance: Austrian Airlines flies four flights per week from Vienna to Baghdad.
  • Egypt Air: One flight a day between Cario and Baghdad.
  • Turkish Airlines flies twice daily from Istanbul to Baghdad and once a day to Najaf as well as Basra.
  • One World Alliance:
  • Qatar Airways flies twice daily from Doha to Baghdad and once a day to Najaf and Basra.
  • Royal Jordanian Airlines Flies twice daily between Amman and Baghdad and once a day to both Najaf and Basra.
  • SkyTeam Alliance:
  • Middle East Airlines flies twice daily between Baghdad and Beirut and once a day to both Najaf and Basra.
  • Saudia flies once a day between Baghdad and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.
  • Budget Airline:
  • FlyDubai flies twice a day between Baghdad and Dubai.
  • Air Arabia flies once a day between Baghdad and Sharjah.
  • Pegasus Airlines flies once a day between Baghdad and Istanbul.
  • Iraqi Airways:
  • Baghdad to: Amman, Ankara, Antalya, Baku, Beijing, Beirut, Berlin-Tegel, Cairo, Copenhagen, Delhi, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Guangzhou, Istanbul, Kyiv, Kuwait, London (Gatwick), Manchester, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Stockholm, Sofia.
An old abandoned Iraqi Airways.
An old abandoned local aeroplane just outside the Baghdad Airport.

From Neighboring Iran and Syria.

  • Syria:
  • FlyDamas: Damascus to Baghdad, Najaf, and Basra twice a day.
  • Syrian air: Baghdad and Najaf once a day.
  • ChamWings: Damascus to Baghdad, Najaf, and Basra twice a day.
  • Iran:
  • More than 5 Iranian airlines offer flights from all big Iranian cities to Baghdad, Basra, and Najaf.

Overland Travel to Iraq

Iraq is surrounded by Iran to the east. Kuwait is to the south, and Saudi Arabia to the southwest.
Jordan is to the west, Syria to the north-west, and Turkey to the north.

But currently, only the land borders between Kuwait, Iran are open for foreign travelers.

The land border between Turkey and Iraq is open, but you can NOT travel from the Kurdish Autonomous Region in the north to southern Iraq overland, but you can fly between them.

Walking across the Tigris river in central Baghdad
The Tigris River flowing trough Baghdad


The main border crossing is the Khosravi International Border post, around 90km northeast of Baghdad. NB. No Iranian visa on arrival when crossing land borders. 


There’s an important border crossing between Tarabil and Karamal, this is a very important border crossing for Iraq, so there is a lot of military presence in the area.

The border was controlled by ISIS only a year ago, and there are a lot of ISIS sleeper cells still in the area. 


Before the war, there were two border crossings between Iraq and Syria.

Al Walid on the Iraqi side and Tanaf on the Syrian side. The Syrian side is currently illegally controlled by the USA, which refuses to give the area back to Syria. Quasybah on the Iraqi side and Abu Kamal on the Syrian side.

This is only a few KM from ISIS’s last stronghold, the small Syrian town of Baghouz. Located on the banks of the Euphrates River, this is where ISIS officially got defeated on 23 March 2019.

But there are still more than a thousand ISIS terrorists hiding out in the vast desert in that part of Syria and Iraq.
ISIS is still attacking civilians and military checkpoints in the area on a weekly basis.

The first local bus since 2014 crossed the border between Syria and Iraq at Quasybah and Abu Kamal on 22 April 2019. Don’t expect this border to be open for foreigners yet for many years.

Remember that you will have to leave the country by the same border as you enter the country.

Visiting the holy city of Karbala.
Visiting the holy city of Karbala.

How to Travel Around Iraq

As a tourist, you are required to have a government-licensed driver and guide with you at all times. So long-distance bus traveling is out of the question.

But you can take the local overnight train from Basra to Baghdad, but your guide will have to accompany you.

You will have to obtain permits for every single place you want to visit around the country outside Baghdad.
You have to tell your guide/contact to arrange these well in advance of travel. This is not always required anywhere anymore. But regulations can change fast.

There are hundreds if not thousands of military and private Shia militias checkpoints along all roads around the country.

Military base along the way to Samarra.
Military base along the way to Samarra a common site

Some only a few hundred meters between each other.

The checkpoints are less frequent in the southern part, but around Baghdad and the holy cities of Samarra, Karbala, Najaf, Kufa, there are hundreds.

You will NOT be able to pass through the checkpoints without the proper permits and paperwork.

Even when you pass one checkpoint, the next checkpoint has to check your papers again, even if it’s less than one km between them.

Often your guide has to make a few phone calls to get you through the checkpoints, even if you already have the right paperwork. Road Traveling in Iraq takes A LOT of time due to this.

Just arrived in the early morning at Baghdad train station.
I just arrived in the early morning at Baghdad train station.
The local train between Basra and Baghdad train got completely full.
The local train between Basra and Baghdad was completely full.

Top Places to Visit in Iraq

  • Baghdad the capital
  • Basra the second-largest city
  • Karbala
  • Najaf
  • Kufa
  • Babylon Ruins of the great city
  • Samara and the great Minaret
  • Ctesiphon the last person capital
  • The Ziggurat of Dur-Kurigalzu
  • Mesopotamian Marshes

Money in Iraq

The local currency in Iraq is the Iraqi dinar. However, you will also be able to spend Euros and US Dollars for payment in hotels and souvenir shops.

There are a few ATMs around Baghdad that accept international bank cards. The bigger hotels also accept payment with bank cards, but everything else in the country is done with hard cash.

Don’t rely on ATMs while in the country. Be sure to bring enough Euro/USD for your entire trip.

There are money exchangers at the arrivals of the airport and at the hotels. But for the best rate, head to the bazaar. The conversion rate fluctuates from day to day, with the rate in Baghdad often being better than in other cities around the country, so it’s worth changing your money in Baghdad.

The replica of the famous Ishtar gate which is located in Berlin
The replica of the famous Ishtar gate outside Babylon, the real one, is located in Berlin.

Internet and WIFI in Iraq

Every hotel has free wifi, and surprisingly most of Baghdad is also covered with free wifi hotspots provided by Wiman.

Wiman has more than 37186 free wifi hot spots around Baghdad and 7829 free wifi hotspots around Basra.

The speed is not great, but it does work flawlessly for social media and emails. A local sim card with unlimited internet for 30days costs 20USD.

There are no internet restrictions in Iraq, and Social media is not blocked here, so there’s no VPN needed here like in some of the neighboring countries.

Electricity in Iraq

Power plugs in Iraq are both European standard two pins and British standard plugs, both standard voltage of 230V with a frequency of 50Hz.

Some hotels have both European and British-style plugs in the rooms. Others had only European-style plugs or British-style plugs, so it’s highly recommended to bring a power travel adapter.

Power cutsPowercuts are not uncommon, so it’s wise to bring a power bank and a headlamp.

The Ziggurat of Dur-Kurigalzu iraq
The Ziggurat of Dur-Kurigalzu
You will get used to military cars on every street corner pretty fast.
You will get used to military cars on every street corner pretty fast.
Security map from March 2019 from The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)
Security map from The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

Drinks & Alcohol in Iraq

Local Liqour store in Baghdad
A local Liquor store in Baghdad, with Farida locally made beer in Baghdad.

Despite what most people think,  Alcohol is completely legal here, but you should still be very respectful and think about where you enjoy your drink. Iraq even produces its own Beer, Arak, and Vodka, which is easily available from public alcohol stores in Baghdad.

Good Selection of beer
Good Selection of beer in Baghdad

There are also normal bars in every international hotel. Alcohol is not sold in the holy cities. Even though alcohol is legal in Iraq, drinking in public is an absolute no.

Only drink bottled water. It will usually be sold at vendors and large stores and will be easy to find.

Traveling around the Mesopotamian Marshes iraq
Traveling around the Mesopotamian Marshes

Can You Take Photos?

Iraq is pretty laid back and relaxed when it comes to taking photos. You should never take photos of soldiers, checkpoints, government buildings, and inside the holy Shia shrines in Najaf, Karbala, and Kufta.

But more or less, everything else allowed. Most locals were happy to have their photos taken, and most soldiers also asked for a selfie with me.

The military in Iraq was miles more relaxed than the military in neighboring Syria and Iran when it comes to taking photos.

Everyone welcomed me with a smile around Baghdad
Everyone welcomed me with a smile around Baghdad.
Local Shia Militas solider visiting the Great Mosque of Samarra iraq
Local Shia Militias solider visiting the Great Mosque of Samarra.

Language in Iraq

Both Arabic and Kurdish are the official language in the country, but surprisingly many people spoke a bit of English, even street vendors.

A lot of Iraqis that fled the country as refugees during the last 16 years have now moved back home.

So don’t be surprised if the locals you meet speak German, French, Swedish etc.

The money exchanger I used in Baghdad had lived in the Netherlands for 12 years and had recently moved back home.

The waiter in one of the restaurants in Basra spoke Swedish.

Guide Book for Iraq

The only company currently making guide books for Iraq is British Travel Company Bradt Guide. The latest version is 2015 realize, the second edition.

How Much is Left of Saddam Hussein’s Influence in Iraq?

Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq with an iron fist for 24 years, and especially his oldest son Uday Hussein spread fear among the violence.

When Saddam Hussein was removed from power in 2003 and later arrested on13 December 2003, it sparked huge celebrations all over the country.

Now, 16 years later, almost everything from the area has been removed, and it’s like he never existed, at least in public. The current leaders of Iraq are the ones Saddam tried to suppress.

Saddam Husseins old palace overlooking Babylon.
Saddam Hussein’s old palace overlooking the historical ruins of Babylon

As such, they are not very keen on Saddam Hussein preserving his legacy. 

So everything with Saddam Hussein is banned, and all his humongous portraits have been plastered with a portrait of Imam Ali, and all but one of his statues have been destroyed.

What might be the very last Portrait of Saddam Hussein in Iraq
What might be the very last Portrait of Saddam Hussein in the country

But if you look, can you still find relics from his time. And if you talk to the older generation of Iraqis that lived under his hard regime, you might get surprised that most people in the country are not afraid of speaking of the old days, and you might be surprised about what they think, especially when compared with the current times!

And surprisingly did every local I talked to openly admit they missed the time he was in power, and the reasons were: “Our country was safe during his time”, we never had to be afraid of suicide bombers during his time”, “things were working during his time”. An even older woman I talked with admitted they had a lot more freedom during the time of Saddam than now in 2019.

A common saying in Iraq is, “Saddam was a horrible person, but what’s been happening the last 16 years has been so much worse, that Saddam Hussein is an angel compared to what the country is going through now.”

Final Thoughts on Tourism in Iraq

With all this in mind, you’re probably wondering – is Iraq a good place to visit? It’s a wonderful place to visit. And with so many unique historical sites, it’s one you won’t want to miss.

I hope you use my guide to learn how to go to Iraq, as you’re sure to have an amazing time. A vacation in Iraq comes highly recommended! Just be sure to check up about the current safety situation first.

Not the most obvious tourist destination. But with the security situation improving in the country, now is the time to visit one of the most historical countries in the world.
Everything you need to know before planning your trip to Baghdad and Iraq


Friday 18th of June 2021

Hey Christian,

regarding the rules about the guides and permits as well as government registered hotels, do you know if these are still in place (June 2021)?

Thanks a lot in advance, Dani

Christian L.

Tuesday 29th of June 2021

Hello. While the rules about staying in hostels are more or less lifted, so will you still need a guide to visit the historical sites around the country


Tuesday 18th of May 2021

Can you take the train from Baghdad to the closest place in usa or what is the furthest the train will go

Christian L.

Sunday 27th of June 2021

The train in Iraq don´t go outside Iraq these days, only domestic train service these days

Corrado C.

Sunday 27th of December 2020

Thank you for your guide! I have to go in Iraq for business, so my customer will arrange (I hope) all the necessary to go from Najaf to Karbala but.... when you speek about check point permission papers, do you mean the Iraqi Visa on the passport or something else? Thank you for you help Corrado

Christian L.

Sunday 27th of December 2020

Hello Corrado.

The checkpoints were often outside Shia towns and Holly Shia places, Which are controlled by Shia Militias and not the Iraq Government. So It´s up to the local Militias if they want to let foreigners visit.

The permits were a different piece of papers allowing me to enter the Militias controlled areas. Samara was by far the most difficult one

Currently, I have a good friend traveling around Iraq, Im waiting for him to return him to give me an update about the permits and checkpoints.

Gary Haslam

Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

Do you know if it is possible to ride a motorcycle through Iraq and into Turkey? I hold a UK passport by the way.

Christian L.

Thursday 6th of August 2020

From the Iraqi Kurdish part yes, from southern Iraq now. it´s just too many checkpoints

Sascha Srdoch

Tuesday 14th of April 2020

Hello, you did a great job with this blog, I am sure a lot of people find it useful, still there is some misleading information regarding on how to obtain visa. I am preparing my trip to Iraq (besides Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon , Ethiopa, Somalia, Pakistan) and I am currently in contact with the Iraqi embassy in my country so I in order to help people here receive proper info I will paste the email I have received today April 14 2020.

And before you ask, yes, I HAVE ASKED to obtain visa for only one person!

Here is their answer:

"We would like to inform you that you will need the following documents for obtaining a visa to the Republic of Iraq. 1. An invitation letter approved by the Ministry of Interior in Iraq. 2. A valid passport for more than 6 months. 3. 3 photographs. 4. A medical report that proves you are free of HIV and Hepatitis legalized by Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in Croatia. 5. A signed application form. 6. A confirmation of your flight.

Preferably submit your request two months earlier. Please send us an email or call us so as to set up a meeting in the consular section. Visa fees are calculated according to the type and period indented to stay in Iraq. For a Single One Month visa is 50 US dollars in cash. Plus the fee for legalizing the medical report is 25 US dollars in cash. "

Christian L.

Monday 28th of September 2020

Hello Sascha, I didn´t see that comment before now. Did you ever manage to apply for the visa before coivd hit? Good that you got a different answer than me, but the informant I got was it that you have to be 5 people. But it can depend on which country you are from. If you are from a Muslim country it might be a lot easier. I know more than 20 people that did visit Iraq as a tourist before the world closed down, and all required to be with a guide