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Vetvika Beach – One of the Best Beaches in Norway

On the far western part of Norway, on the rarely visited Bremanger islands in the Vestland Country (previously the Sogn og Fjordane county), is where the most beautiful beach in Norway is located.

The untamed, wild, beautiful, and magical Vetvika Beach.

vetvika beach Norge
Welcome to Vetvika, maybe the most beautiful beach in Norway

Best of all, Vetvika is a real off the beaten path destination in Norway, so you will most likely get the whole beach to yourself.

If Vetvika had been located in Southern Europe, you would have had to fight to get a spot on the beach, but here you will get the whole beach for yourself.

Tip: If you want another off-the-beaten-path adventure, make sure to check out the abandoned Russian mining town of Pyramiden.

vetvika beach norway
Welcome to Vetvika, probably the most amazing beach in Norway

About Vetvika, Norway

Be aware to reach Vetvika, you will either have to do a tough 15.9 km (10 miles) hike across the Steinfjellet (easily translated to rock mountain) or arrive by boat.

The hike to reach Vetvika might be the steepest of all treks in Norway, so it’s not suitable for everyone. However, the hike here is a great day trip.

vetvika tur, norges fineste strand
The Amazing Vetvika

It’s also possible to put up your tent for free anywhere along the beach here. If you stay till the evening, you will be able to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in Norway.

Until recently, Vetvika and Bremanger were unknown to most people in Norway as well, but it has now become one of the most famous and must-visit places in the whole country. But it is still rarely visited by foreign tourists.

vetvika beach Bremanger Norway
Arriving at the spectacular Vetvika beach

The small bay of Vetvika was once home to three farms, a small graveyard (with nine graves), and at most 40 locals.

But the last locals moved away in 1951 due to the place being almost impossible to leave during the three long winter months. 

There is such heavy snowfall on the mountains and heavy storms on the ocean, making the journey here very unsafe. Once the area was isolated for 16 weeks, that’s four months of total isolation.

The old farms and graveyard are now protected and looked after and kept in good condition, with a couple of the old farms now being private cabins. There’s also a new outdoor toilet put up in the bay.

Vetvika Norway
The stunning beach

Once the last locals left Vetvika, the place almost became forgotten, with only the locals on Bremanger knowing about this hidden gem in Norway.

But then social media happened, and now Vetvika is one of the most photogenic and Instagrammable places in all of Norway.

vetvika farm norway
Sunset over one of the old farms, with the new added outdoor toilet

The Hike to Vetvika Beach

The trip to Vetvika starts from a small parking lot at Svarstad a couple of km before the small settlement of Grotle (also home to a fantastic beach) on the Bremanger island on the far western part of Norway.

vetvika beach norway
Sunset over the beautiful beach in far western Norway

From the parking lot, the trip is around a 15.9km (10 miles) return which usually takes 8-10 hours, so it’s a long and tiring day.

The highest point is 574 meters (1,883 feet). While that’s not much, remember that you start at sea level. And that you will have to ascend/descend 544m in just 1km.

I did this hike in Mid-May, and there were still some parts with snow, with some being very wet and knee-deep.

Vetvika map norway
Profile map of the trail to Vetvika, as you can see, there’s a crazy descend and ascend. map from

The first 3km of the trail from the parking lot goes along a gravel road that leads to a TV tower.

However, you won’t be walking all the way to the TV tower; you will be turning left once you reach the top.
No worries, once you are done with the gravel road, the hiking trail towards Vetvika is very well marked.

Vetvika trail norway
Follow the gravel road for the first 3km. There is a lot of sheep along the way.

There’s a road barrier at the beginning of the road, which is only open for the workers at the local TV tower.

There are no other options other than for you to walk along the dusty gravel road, which is also very steep in some parts. So take it slow.

vetvika trail norway
The first section of the road is pretty boring.

While following the dirt road is pretty boring and steep without much shade to have a rest in, the locals in Bremanger are currently working on a new trail that will go directly from Grotle.

It will pass over the mountain and meet up with the trail down towards the beach after where the dirt road finishes.

While the new trail will not be shorter than the current one, it will definitely be a more pleasant trail.

vetvika trail norway
Where you turn off the dirt road and start going on the trail instead, the trail is very well marked.

Follow the trail past the cabin for about 1km. The trail is easy and comfortable to walk along, but some parts can be very wet, especially if there’s still snow melting on the tops around here.

Tip: It’s a good idea to refill your water bottle from one of the streams here.

After 1km, you will reach a small intersection. It might not look like one, but you will have to choose if you will have to take the short and extremely steep way via Vollen – which is a 3.6km (2.3 miles) hike to the beach – or you can take the 5.7km (3.5 miles) path towards Solheim.

The Solheim path is also steep and still as crazy as the shorter way through Vollen.

vetvika trail norway
Turn left for the shortest by crazy steep section. Turn right for longer and not as steep but still steep.

However, most people walk via Vollen on their way to Vetvika, and the way to Solheim on their way back home – since the longer way is supposedly more effortless. But bear in mind, during my visit here in mid-May, there was still a lot of wet snow along the Solheim path. This made it much more tiring than the shorter but steeper way along Vollen.

In hindsight, I should have walked back through Vollen. That would have saved me a lot of time, soaking shoes, and a damaged knee.

If you do decide to take the short route to Vetvika along Vollen, then you start with a small hill climb which is not too difficult. From here, you will get some great views back towards where you parked your car and started your hike.

vetvika tur norge
I’m Heading up the first hill when I turned left, my friend leading the way.

The trail here is easy to follow but also very wet in parts, so be careful with your steps, and don’t forget to enjoy the view.

tur til vetvika
Don’t forget to look back and enjoy the view. The road is the distance is the gravel road you just walked up.

Once you reach the top, there are a few flat sections before you reach a part that is often covered in snow until mid-June.
In mid-May, the section was extremely wet, and I often fell through the snow up to my knees.

vetvika starnd norge
Follow the well-marked trail
vetvika tur norge bemranger
Still a lot of snow along the trail in mid-May

Once you are done with the snowy path, then you will soon get your first view of Vetvika beach and realize how steep the crazy descent to the beach is.

From here, the 544m (1,784 feet) descent in just 1 km starts. Be sure to be careful with your knees.

vetvika tur
Soon you will get the first view of Vetvika, just over the edge.

Probably the best view of Vetvika is here, from the top before you start your descent. It is well worth it to have a rest on top here and enjoy the million-dollar view.

vetvika utsikt
The first view over Vetvika from here it’s 544m, almost straight down.

Once you have had your break, just follow the markings. But be careful and watch your steps. Some of the rocks are very loose.

vetvika tur norge
Get ready to go down. All the poles are trail markings.
vetvika tur
Looking back up, it’s more stepper in reality than it looks.
vetvika tur guide
Walking along the trail, notice the trail marking.

There are not many places to sit down and have a break during this part of the hike. But luckily, you are almost down at the beach, where you can have a well-deserved rest.

vetvika norge strand
Almost there, just another 10min, and you are at the beach.

Once you reach the bottom, there are a few more very wet sections before you reach the first old farm, so don’t make the mistake of getting wet shoes at this point.

VETVIKA strand
Finally, down at the beach, time for well-deserved rest.

The first and best place to have a rest is at the stairs at the first farm you reach. After that, go for a stroll on the beach and just relax in the sun. You can also go for a swim if you like cold water swimming.

vetvika norge
The first house you arrive at is a great place to have rest on the stairs or on the stone platform on the right side.

Once you are done with your rest, go for a walk along the beach or find your camp spot for the night. You are allowed to camp anywhere you want in Vetvika, but you might be surprised that not everywhere is suitable for pitching your tent. 

Some parts are wet, while other parts have very soft sand, so your tent might blow over if you experience some strong winds.

vetvika beach. beste strand i norge
Don’t forget to enjoy the beach.

Or just walk around and discover the remains, which are living proof that Vetvika once was a small village full of life. The old cemetery is still here, together with the old man-made breakwater.

There was also a new clean outdoor toilet put up here, so visitors no longer have to do their private things along the beach.

Vetvika Norway
One of the farms on the right side, and the mountain you have to cross to reach the place. And the breakwater on the left side.
vetvika norge gård
One of the old farms, together with the boathouse and the man-made breakwater
vetvika ute do
The new outdoor toilet

A lot of plastic and garbage washes up on the shores of the beach here in Vetvika. So if you want some good Karma, bring an extra bag with you and go around the beach to collect some of the trash. 

Bring the collected garbage back across the mountain to your car, and you will definitely have good Karma for a while.

And you’re making the beach better than when you arrived, a great way to treat any destination.

vetvika strand
Keep Vetvika clean
vetvika vestlandet norge,
looking into the north sea with the small graveyard on the left side and one of the farms on the right side
The old graveyard on the left side
Vetvika norge, norges fineste strand
Panoramic view over Vetvika

If you are just doing a day trip to Vetvika, be sure to start heading back to your car early enough. The walk back towards the parking lot is no walk in the park, especially if there’s still snow along the trail, as I experienced.

But since I decided to camp in Vetvika, I did get to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Norway.

Vetvika solnedgang
Sunset over one of the old farms
solnedgang vetvika
Sunset Vetvika, one of the best in Norway

I also got an amazing sunrise with some amazing light. It was the perfect morning for a hot coffee and the last rest before the hike back to the parking lot.

soloppgang vetvika norge
Sunrise in Vetvika
vetvika tur
Early morning on vetvika

I decided to do the longer hike past Solheim back to the car, which is supposed to be easier than the steep path through Vollen.

But as already mentioned, the “easiest” way turned out to be the hardest. However, the way through Solheim does start off flat and easy on the left side of a small lake; but due to snow melting, this was the wettest part of the entire hike.

vetvika trail
Which way would you take? 7.8km or 10.4km back to the parking lot? In hindsight, the shortest and steepest was the easiest way. The same way I came down.
We are leaving Vetvika, taking the longer route back home.
vetvika tur
The trail follows the left side of the lake
vetvika tur
just follow the left side of the lake.
vetvika tur
It might not look like it, but some parts are extremely wet, and there’s no way you can keep your shoes dry.
vetvika tur
Just follow the trail; the trail goes through the middle of the pass; it’s going to get steep.
vetvika tur
Also, this section is very steep
vetvika tur
And up we go
vetvika tur
Don’t forget to look back and enjoy the way back towards where you came from.

Unfortunately, there are not too many easy parts on this trail either. At least not at the beginning of the hike back home.

vetvika tur
Some of the easier parts along the trail back home, you will also have to hike up through the steep part in the middle here.

Some of the easier parts along the trail back home, you will also have to hike up through the steep part in the middle here.

vetvika tur
I’m sorry to say, but it´s also steep here.

There’s not too much clean running water to gather along this section of the trail, so always refill your water bottle when you have the opportunity. I, on the other hand, did run out of water.

vetvika tur norway
This might not look too hard, but this was the hardest part of the trail, the snow was extremely wet and rotten, and I did often fall through down to my knee.
hiking norway vetika
But then you get to the top and can enjoy the view all the way to the northern sea, notice the tv tower on the right side.
vetvika vestlandet norway hike
Follow the trail along the lake; the tv tower is now on the left side

This section is flatter, but there are a few wide streams you will have to cross. There are also a couple of private cabins along this section.

vetvika tur norway snow
Another very wet part with wet and rotten snow
vetvika tur norge norway
Follow the trail across the
vetvika tur norway
Before you meet the trail where you on the day before turned left, now just walk straight forward and meet up with the gravel road.

Once you meet up with the old trail (where you turned left on the previous day to do the short way past Vollen), just follow the gravel road. You will soon be back at the parking lot where you parked your car.

Now the best thing to do is to head into Grotle and have lunch at Grotlesanden, another amazing beach in Norway.

How to get to Vetvika / Bremanger in Norway

Unfortunately, public transport in Norway is horribly bad outside the main cities, and Bremanger is no exception.

So having your own car is essential to see the best of Bremanger and this part of Norway. However, it is theoretically still possible to visit Vetvika by public transport, which is going to be a hassle.

There are a couple of ferries between Smørhamn kai/Kålvåg and Florø, the most western city in Norway. Then from Smørhavn, there are four busses (nr 663) to Grotle a day.

Tip: You can view the timetable here

Florø Airport has a daily flight to both Bergen and Oslo.

Best Season to Visit Vetvika

The season to visit Vetvika is from early May to the end of September, but everything depends on how much snow there’s been on Bremanger during the winter.

As mentioned in this post already, I experienced wet knee-deep snow on some parts of the trail.

vetvika beach norway
Vetvika in Mid May

Where to stay in Bremanger

While wild camping is the only option in Vetvika, you can camp anywhere you want there. In Grotle, the closest small village, there are a couple of accommodation options.

Grotle is also home to a supermarket, post office, a Thai Restaurant, and a couple of small coffee shops.

Grotle stranden norway
The small village of Grotle, home to Grotlestranden home to another amazing beach in Norway

Grotle is also home to another amazing beach and another off the beaten path destination in Norway – Grotlesanden.

It’s well worth buying some food in the supermarket and enjoying it on Grotlesanden.

GROTLESANDEN bremanger norge norway beach
Some of the clearest water in Norway is here on Bremanger.

The closest accommodation option to Vetvika is Havly Bed & Breakfast. It is located around 10 minutes east of Grotle and 5 minutes away from the parking lot where you start your hike to Vetvika beach.

GROTLESANDEN bremanger norge
The beach is this white.

Where to go next?

This part of Norway is home to many amazing places. Bremanger island is also home to Mt. Hornelsen, the highest seacliff in all of Europe.

The hike to the top of the 860-meter sea cliff offers a breathtaking drop straight down into the fjord from the top of Hornelen.

The hike to the top of Hornelen is 15.6km (9.6 miles) and normally takes 5 hours on a return journey.

About 100km (62 miles) and 2.5 hours further north (which includes a ferry ride), you will reach  Hoddevika.

This is home to the best surfing spot in all of Norway and is visited by surfers from all over the world.

If surfing is not your thing, instead, drive 144km (90 miles) and 3.5 hours along the FV61 to Runde – home to the rare Atlantic Puffin bird.

Tip: If you love a good hike, you should visit Kjeragbolten or Preikestolen. Two other amazing hikes in Norway.

Visit the Most Beautiful Beach in Norway

Now you should know everything you need to experience this breathtakingly beautiful beach. As long as you are aware of the hike, there are no other difficulties that await you.

Relax, enjoy the sunset, and enjoy one of Norway’s hidden gems. 

Travel guide to Vetvika maybe the best and most beautiful beach in Norway
On the west coast of Norway, on the remote and wild Bremanger island is where one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Norway is located, the amazing Vetvika beach.

Eniko Miklos

Saturday 5th of August 2023

Amazing hike. Thanks for the description. I want to make it one time.